Monday, April 29, 2013

Why I Race

A few months ago, I signed up to run The Trolley Run, a 4 mile race from Kansas City's Waldo area to the Country Club Plaza.  Bonus - I was lucky enough to have the company I work for sponsor me.

IMG 0377

However, when I woke up Sunday morning to an alarm I asked myself, Whhyyyy!?!

Why am I waking up this early to run 4 miles?

Why am I driving to run 4 miles?  I could run 4 miles out my front door.  

Why am I waking up my baby and my husband to take me to a 4 mile race?

IMG 0369

Once I stepped out of the car, I remembered why.

I remembered how good it feels to run early on a beautiful morning.  

IMG 0391

I remembered how much I love the racing community.

IMG 0382

I remembered how much I love running with others who love to run.

IMG 0383

I remembered how much I love running in my city.  

IMG 0392

A city I am so very proud of.  

I remembered how Kristen Chenoweth can motivate me to kick up the gears and finish the race fast.

IMG 0385

Well, fast for me.  I had no idea what my pace was, I just ran.  Here were my results: 

Screen Shot 2013 04 29 at 4 52 14 AM

No wonder I am so sore this morning - I usually run a 10 minute mile.  36:29 isn't my 4 mile PR, but 5 months post-partum I'll take it.

Once the run was over I was thankful I had drug myself out of bed and I rode the high of the run thoughout the rest of the day.

After the run, we raced home to shower and get ready for church.  

Then we ate lunch, gardened (more on that tomorrow), and watch some baseball, then headed to my grandma's house for family dinner.

IMG 3099

 By then, Ina had such a big day, she wasn't really interested in the family.  Poor girl.  Oh well we are still trying.

Have a good week! <3


  1. Yay for great races/runs! I did a half race saturday and it was so so so bad:( I have never walked in a half before but I sure did Saturday! I remember when my daughter was a baby, she would get so cranky and upset at family/friend gatherings....I think she got tired of being passed around and held by everybody. Good Luck!

  2. Congrats on a great race! Looks like it was a beautiful day. :)

  3. Those tulips are beautiful! So glad you signed up for a race and killer time, too! What a gorgeous day you had.


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