Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sleeping Through the Night

Good news!  Most nights this week Ina has slept through the night and well into the morning in her own crib.  She is such a big girl (who loves to blow spit bubbles).

IMG 0031

At her 4 month appointment her doctor told me to nix the baby monitor because I was waking up to every little noise she made.  I had received that advice before, but somehow I needed to hear it from her doctor before I could lose the guilt.  

Now, I wake up when she needs me, but not to her normal sleep / wake cycle.  This weekend I was so excited and refreshed after waking up on my own without any alarm - human or otherwise.  

However, I have run into a problem that I had not anticipated.  If Ina sleeps all night, then she doesn't eat all night.  So, I am not , ahem, equipped to run until she wakes up to eat. 


So, yesterday, I wanted to run so bad.  So bad.  I  put on my race shirt and waited.  And waited. But by the time Ina woke up, it was time for me to get ready for work.

IMG 0194

I tried to tell myself I would run after work, but Dan didn't get home until bedtime.  Even if he didn't have to work late, I would have felt guilty using the few hours a day I get to spend with Ina running.  

I have never been an evening exerciser, but I might have to change my ways and hop on the treadmill after putting Ina to bed. I just don't see how people pull the energy to exercise after such a long day of work, dinner, dishes, laundry, etc. Any advice?


Simply Filling is still going wonderfully, I plan to write up a full review in a few weeks.

Breakfast - overnight oats.  Note - I think these taste much better with quick cooking oats than regular oats.

Lunch - I cleaned out the fridge and made a loaded sweet potato topped with leftovers from the night before (we had crockpot tacos carne asada)

IMG 0193

This was so good I might make it on purpose next time.

Dinner - spicy meatloaf with baked potato and roasted green beans.  Dan had to work late, so Ina was my dinner date.

IMG 0195

Snacks - orange, pineapple, bran flakes cereal


  1. Yay for Ina sleeping through the night! That's great. I feel the same way about working out in the evening. I did it last night but for the most part, it's the last thing I do once I get home.

  2. Can't wait to read about Simply Filling! I am not a morning runner/worker-outer, but I am not a late night one either. I have to do it right when I get home from work before I sit down, otherwise I won't do it. We all have our routines that work best for us... it's hard to change! However, I have know people who workout not long before bed. They say that after a nice shower, it puts them to sleep fast because they are exhausted!

  3. Good for Ina! Have you considered pumping when you wake up, then hopping on the treadmill?


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