Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Weekend

Saturday started off great - Ina and I chilled while Dan had to finish up some work.  I had the rare time opportunity to actually cook my breakfast - egg sandwich with hot sauce and a few clementines.

IMG 0092

Dan got home  and I handed my baby love off and went on an incredibly windy, but beautiful 6 mile run with my friend Kim.  

We planned our route around Starbucks - always a good idea. 

IMG 0094

(Pre-run lunch: overnight oats; post run lunch - bran cereal)

Once we were finished I scurried around, trying to finish up some last minute stuff before some friends came over to celebrate Dan's birthday.  

IMG 0096

It was a beautiful night,

IMG 0098

and Ina started the evening off looking fantastic.

IMG 0097

However, once the crowd showed up she was not having any of it.  Multiple people tried to help, but even my sister, who is like the baby whisperer, couldn't calm my upset baby down.  

I spent over an hour upstairs in her nursery while my house was full of people - not exactly how I pictured the night going down.  Eventually, I got her to sleep - and she slept for the next 9 hours!  Poor girl was over-tired.

So was her mamma - between the 6 mile run and getting the house semi-ready, I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I apologized to the people who were still hanging out and went to bed around 9:30.  Par-tay.

I made some sangria,

IMG 3033

and filled up two different glasses over the course of the night, but I don't think I actually drank much of it.  I did, however, get a chance to enjoy some of the awesome food that everyone brought (in moderation).  

IMG 3034

(Three cheers for my weekly points allowance!)

IMG 3035

(The rest of that cookie cake has been staring at me all weekend.)

We started off Sunday at church, 

IMG 0101

(munched on some hard-boiled eggs on the way there)

then came home for a little grandma time.  

IMG 0103

Dan's grandma stopped by to see her "sweet cheeks."  

After lunch

IMG 0102

(leftover grilled pork sandwich with a salad)

we headed back to church again to take our church's membership class. 

IMG 0106

It was so interesting to see the history behind our church and great to confirm that we agree with its core beliefs. 

We finished the day up watching the nail biting Royals' game we DVR'd. 

IMG 3037

(broiled salmon, roasted green beans, and a microwaved sweet potato for dinner)

Today I get to see my boys in blue in real life.  I am working this morning, and then heading to Kauffman stadium for the home opener.  Yay!

Thought for the day

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  1. I remember growing up how tired my mom got when we'd have a bunch of people over. Moms' lives are busy and exhausting sometimes! Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend. Cheers~


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