Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Four Favorite Things About Four Months

One: Ina's laugh

Her laughs used to be random, but now I can squeeze one out of her by doing anything ridiculous.  This video says it all, although I wish I had recorded it from my angle, so that you could catch the unbeliveable smile action I was getting.  If I had life my way I would listen to that noise on repeat. 

Two: Feeding Ina

Feeding Ina has become so much more of a social event.  

IMG 0006

She has realized that my head is connected to her food source, so while she eats she smiles at me with her eyes.  She also takes frequent breaks to smile and coo at me.  I used to multitask while she was eating - check my email, watch TV, etc, but the first time I looked down and saw her just staring at me I dropped the phone.   I know those types of looks don't last long and I want to soak in every single one.

Three: Ina's Feet

Ina has discovered her feet and it is hilarious.  

IMG 3028

As soon as I put her in a sitting position,

IMG 0010

 she lets the weight of her head take over

IMG 0015

so her eyes can get closer to her feet.

IMG 0016

Four: Ina's Resemblance to Dan

My mother in law posted this picture on Facebook the other day:

Photo 1

I used to think that she looked like me as a child, but once I saw this I realized that she is her daddy's mirror image.  Now I know where she gets those kissable cheeks!

Other Updates:

-Sometimes it makes me sad that Ina is sleeping in a separate room, but I know it is for the best.  I sleep much better, and it allows me some time to get things done in the morning without having to worry about waking her up.  However, every once in a while I sneak her into her rocker for the night, or I bring her into our bed for a few hours.  

- Ina has started teething. 

IMG 2974

 Poor girl is constantly trying to stick whatever she can find in her mouth - but her favorites are either her hand or her blankets.  She isn't a fan of her paci.  She has clamped down on me a few times while she is eating, which earned her a solid flick - those teeth can wait as long as they want to come in - ouch.  

- Although she used to be a strictly shower girl, we now give baths most nights around 8:30, then I feed her, and then she is out for the night.  

- Ina still hates tummy time, she lifts her head a little higher off the ground everyday.  She rocks her body back and forth, but doesn't look like she is going to roll over anytime soon

-More and more of her personality is coming out every day.  I love it. 

Three Month Update

Two Month Update

One Month Update


Breakfast - More overnight oats

IMG 3026

Lunch - leftover sweet and sour chicken (1); snacks - clementines, cottage cheese with pineapple

IMG 3025

Dinner - Courtney and her family came over for dinner.

IMG 3029

I made slow cooker hamburger heaven.  Served with salad (3) and sangria (3).

IMG 3031


3 miles which watching Glee

Points Breakdown

Earned 7.  Used 7.  55 Remaining.

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  1. Hi Racheal! Just hopped over from the KC Blogger website and wanted to say hi. I'm from KC as is the hubs and all of our family and friends live there. We LOVE it and can't wait to get back within the next few years! Anyway, Ina is adorable and happy 4 months to her! Have a great Thursday. :)


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