Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Ways Having an iPhone has Changed My Life

This post is coming to you from a house that ran out of coffee.  Although I view that as a state of emergency, I am on a mission to prove to Dan that I don't think of coffee the way heroin addicts think of heroin, so please forgive mistakes and lack of focus in today's post. 

I have sort of wanted an iPhone for years. Then, after  I replaced my dinosaur of a PC with a MacBook Air, that want turned into a need.  

So, on the day I was eligible for an upgrade, I went to the Sprint store on my lunch break.  

Here are five reasons why my life has changed since the day I stepped out of the Sprint store.  

1.  The iPhone has amazing picture quality.  I rarely have to drag out my point and shoot camera anymore or search my whole house trying to find it.  Instead I just use my handy phone.  Having my iPhone allowed me to capture Dan on the big screen at the Royals game and I take even more pictures of Ina than I did before.  

2. My life is more synced.  (Well, slightly.  Let's be real, it is a phone, not a miracle worker.)  Through the beauty that is iCloud, my pictures, notes, calendars, etc. are on all of my devices.  I don't have to worry about plugging in my phone to my computer or dealing with those pesky memory cards.

3. My iPhone talks to my car.  Not only do I have bluetooth, but I can also listen to my favorite apps, like Pandora or Stitcher while driving.  Becoming more cultured, one This American Life episode at a time...

4.FaceTime.  Now, when I am missing my baby girl at work, I can just press a button, connect with my cousin's iPhone, and see that beautiful smiling face.  (Now if the iPhone could find a way for me not to pump, being a working mom would be a breeze!)

5. Social media.  Hello Twitter and Instagram!   I recently learned what a hashtag was and I am never looking back.   Do you have Twitter or Instagram? Let me know, so I can stalk you mmmkay?

Other Updates

-If you are reading this from a reader / RSS feed, I updated the banner on my site.  

PicMonkey Collage  2

The old one didn't include Ina and that had to be fixed immediately. 

- Ina had her 4 month shots yesterday and wanted to tell me how much she hated it all day long. 

IMG 0166

I tried to tell her that the cool band-aides made it worth it, but she didn't believe me.

IMG 0169


Breakfast - two eggs on an TJ's everything bagel thing with FF feta and hot sauce and strawberries

IMG 0163

Lunch - leftover salmon, with microwaved frozen spinach and brown rice

IMG 0168

Dinner - grilled chicken salad with blue cheese dressing (4, hot sauce,  and roasted veggies

IMG 0172

Dan was in charge of dinner so he cleaned out all of the vegetable in the fridge to roast them.  I had to stop him from roasting a cucumber. 

IMG 0171

Snacks - orange, popcorn, and a bowl of raisin bran crunch (6)

Question for the day

Do you have an iPhone?  Did your life change the day you bought it?

Thought for the day



  1. Love the new header!! :)

    LOVE my iPhone!!! I had also been "sort of" wanting one for awhile but once I got my hands on it - there's no going back.

    Shots are no fun - hopefully she feels better today.

    All of the food looks yummy!

    Mmmm this coffee is good. LOL jk :)

    1. Funny. I actually laughed out loud. The only thing that has made me smile without coffee. :)

  2. Love the new header and layout! Really nice :)
    And Ina! I love those chubby arms and legs :) Too cute!
    She looks so healthy, and I'm sure she'll forgive you

  3. I love your new header! How do you change that? I've wanted to do that for a while, but haven't taken the time...

    iPhone changed EVERYTHING. It is the only gift I've ever surprised my husband with that he didn't put up in a closet or in a drawer and leave there. ;-)

    However, sometimes I am on it too much and feel like I should break up with it for a while. ;-)

    Have a great weekend! Cheers~

    1. I have blogger and you have wordpress, so I couldn't give you exact instructions...sorry. But I know that before Kim moved to self hosted she had a banner, so you might ask her (she uses wordpress)? I made my banner at LOVE that site.

      I also already feel like I am on my phone too much. Dan has to hide it from me sometimes.

    2. I would definitely recommend Pic Monkey to make a header. That's how I did mine, too. :) Let me know if you need any help.

    3. I've used pic monkey before! I'll give that a try. Thanks, guys! You are the best.

  4. Life better = life with iPhone
    Period. Dot. End of discussion

  5. I LOVE my iphone. I resisted for so long and then after I got it, I don't know how I lived without it for so long..


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