Thursday, April 11, 2013

Financial Peace University - A Tithing Update

This week Dan and I hit the first major milestone of financial peace university - we paid off one of my student loans!

IMG 0150

We did this even after Ina and I had some unexpectedly higher hospital bills.  We did this even after I did not have a salary for over a month on maternity leave. 


Glad you asked - here is a little story:

When Dan and I finished FPU we practiced everything Dave told us to.  Well, everything except tithing.

Tithing - the one thing I couldn't quite wrap my head around.  I heard everything that Dave said surrounding the subject, and I believed the biblical evidence he provided, but I still hadn't convinced myself that 10% of our salary should go to our church.  

I rationalized it away, telling myself that I give more than 10% of my salary to the government, who in turn takes care of the poor.  I told myself that we would probably start giving more to our church after we paid some loans off.  

So, when the offering plate went by, we put in some moola, but nowhere near 10% of our salary.  And, quite frankly, not much of anything.  We spent more on dinner at a restaurant than we gave the church each week.

Then, a few months ago, Dan told me that he really felt we needed to start giving more to the church.  He didn't give any specific reason, but seemed very adamant, so I agreed, and the next few weeks we increased our contribution significantly.  

Fast forward a few weeks.  My boss walked in my cube and gave me my bonus.  When I saw the amount I almost fell out of my chair.  It was 20x what I received the year before.  

Then, a few weeks after that, I found out that we didn't owe taxes this year, when last year we had to pay a very large amount.  This year, I even got a little bit back.  

Thanks God, I hear you, loud and clear.

If that isn't a testimony, I don't know what is.  

As my friend Kim says, "You really can't afford not to tithe."  

So even though there isn't a logical reason why my first student loan is paid off after Ina was born, after the holidays, after maternity leave, it is.  

Now our debt snowball is a rollin' and I have permanently moved our budget around to give more to the church.

I still have another student loan (pharmacy school is eexxpeennnsive) and my car loan to go.  

For more on Financial Peace University here is my review.


Breakfast - same ol' overnight oats

Lunch - the rest of the fiesta bean salad

IMG 0129

Dinner - salad with new Trader Joe's dressing to start out (2)

IMG 3039

then baked pork chops with a dollop of cream of celery soup (2), roasted green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes

IMG 3040

Snacks - two hard boiled eggs 

IMG 0147

and a grapefruit - the debris.  

IMG 0148


I tried to do a little speed work on the treadmill, mixing it up between 6 to 7 mph.  I obviously spent much more time at 6 than 7, because I ended up running 3.1 miles in 30 minutes.  

Question for the day

Do you have any experience with tithing?  

How do you eat your grapefruit - peeled our with a spoon?

Thought for the day



  1. Wow, congrats on the bonus and paying off the student loan! I honestly have never given much thought to tithing.

    I don't think I like grapefruit. I haven't tried it in a long time so I should give it a shot again.

  2. After reading "The Secret", I loved the idea of giving even if you have nothing. Because the more you give, the more you will attract back giving to you, but only if you give with a full heart, of course with no expectations of anything in return. It feels good.

    Congrats on debt pay-off. Doesn't it feel like a weight is lifted?

  3. I was super pumped for you guys when I saw that last night! I remember reading through your FPU posts and it's amazing how it's paid off! Awesome job!!!

  4. We automatically put away 10% or more of our salaries towards our retirement/savings -- 7% into our 401(k)s and 3% or more into a brokerage account. It's helps us feel more comfortable in our financial situation, even with our expanding family. I gave my hubby the scenario that one (or both) of our loses our job and asked him how we would survive. It felt good knowing that we could make it for two years jobless, God forbid it ever happens.

  5. Our church calls for us to give 5% to our parish, 1% to the diocese, and the other 4% to charities and non-profits we care about personally. I have found this very rewarding personally and spiritually. We have been blessed with good health, wonderful children and grandchildren, opportunities to work, and the real presence of God in our lives. That is true prosperity.

  6. Congrats! I am SO close to paying mine off; that is such a milestone for you guys! Also, I totally agree with the statement, "You can't afford not to give." :)


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