Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby Training

I sincerely apologize if you tried to enjoy a quiet dinner at Red Lobster last night.  I hope the screaming baby didn't ruin your mood or appetite.

IMG 0204

Yep, we were those people.

My family (all 18 of us) met to celebrate my sister's birthday last night.  Unfortunately, Ina didn't want Jessie to have any attention.  She even missed her birthday song because she was rocking Ina in the entryway.  Super sad.  

It wasn't just a little crying.  It was full-blown, I'm mad and I want the whole world to know, screaming.  And it didn't really stop the two hours we were there.

I tried to take Ina out to the car to feed and calm her, but she wasn't having it.  She wasn't hungry.  I don't think her stomach was upset.  She had a clean diaper.  She wasn't teething.  She was just mad.

I am starting to sense a pattern here.  Anytime Ina is around a larger group of people she gets upset.  Quickly.  Once she is upset, she can't seem to calm down.  This happened at Dan's birthday party and at my friend's gender reveal party.  

I think this is probably because Ina doesn't get out much.  I am so fortunate to have a live-in nanny, but that leads to Ina only being exposed to the outside world about twice a week.  It seems that being around a group of people makes her uncomfortably mad.

Before I had a baby I would have thought the solution to this problem was simple - just don't go anywhere.  However, now I see that if we start that habit now, I am going to have an 18 year old who won't leave the house.  

So, I am creating a "Baby Training Schedule."  I need volunteers to come to my house and stick their heads in Ina's face.     Can't come to my house?  No worries, we will come to you.  What is your address?  If you are bothered by a screaming baby, this job isn't for you.  If she doesn't cry I will give you a cookie. 



I actually had time to cook breakfast yesterday.  

IMG 3046

Protein pancakes (following this recipe) made with all power foods - oatmeal, cottage cheese, and eggs.

IMG 3048

Served with frozen mixed berries.

Lunch was my last loaded sweet potato.

Dinner - I ate about half of my dinner, as I had my hands a little full. I ordered some tropical mahi mahi dish with vegetables, but somehow the vegetables were mashed potatoes? 

IMG 0209

 It was very tempting to just shove those cheesey biscuits into my mouth, but I limited it to one.  


  1. Where do I sign up?! :)

    Sorry she wasn't happy at the restaurant.

  2. Come to Houston and we can try her out at my Red Lobster! I hope it gets better soon; I had a niece with a very similar situation, she did e eventually out grow it.

    1. Tabitha - I will be in Houston in a month! I might take you up on that! Ha!

  3. Something similar is happening with our little Shamrock. If we lived closer, I'd get them together! ;-) Tonight is a test because he'll be introduced to our first crowd of people at our poker night.

  4. Could it be that she's sensitive to the louder decibel level of a larger crowd?

    1. I am thinking that could be it, but sometimes it is still pretty quiet and she gets upset. This weekend we had quite a few people over and she made it with only a few short cries, so I am seeing improvement!

  5. If I'm ever in KC (or if you ever happen to be in STL) I'll happily stick my face in front of your cute baby girl!

    1. You MUST let me know if you are ever in Kansas City! :)

  6. Just a tip, I do like the yellow links etc but it is very hard to read!

    1. Thanks for the tip - new blogger over here! ha! I fixed it. Please let me know if you ever have any other problems like that. :)


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