Saturday, April 6, 2013

A (Less) Guilty Rest Day

I spent all day yesterday in my running clothes thinking I would be able to squeeze in a run here or there.  Somewhere around 6 Dan got home and I threw in my running towel and had a drink with him instead.  

IMG 0079

(We celebrated that Kansas City is .500!  Holla!)

Sometimes red beer (4)  > running. 

I hate to "waste" a rest day with the guilt of thinking I need to run the entire day (as opposed to knowing I get to rest), but sometimes it must be done.  Although, I have to say that since Ina has entered the picture, the guilt of not running is slim to none.  If I get a chance, yay!, but if I don't, no biggie.  

See - motherhood has its fair share of bliss.  

IMG 0071

Even though I was in my running clothes, Ina was dressed for the day.

IMG 0047

She has so many super cute clothes, I feel the need to show them off here. 

Dan grilled turkey burgers for dinner.

IMG 0080

Served with a microwaved sweet potato, roasted green beans, and a salad with ranch dressing (3).  

That man is a genius at the grill.  I wish I would have given him more than a pound of turkey to work with.  This might be one of my biggest regrets in life. 

Breakfast was overnight oats with a banana

IMG 0057

Lunch was a grilled chicken sandwich with creole mustard and carrots on the side

IMG 0061

Snacks: clementines and an apple

Today we are having a few friends over to celebrate Dan's birthday.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Points Breakdown

Used 7.  43 Remaining


  1. Ina is so adorable! Don't feel bad about not running, you have that sweet baby to play with PLUS you really do need your rest days.


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