Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowed In

Remember when I wore shorts and walked outside and said Spring had sprung?

God laughed at me and said, "not yet darling."

IMG 2873

Ugh.  I really do love living in the Midwest because of all 4 seasons, but I am ready for the next one.  

I think I am particularly upset about the snow because it ruined some plans I had, but that didn't stop me from having a great - mostly indoor- weekend.  

Friday night our friends Brad and Chessa came over to watch a little March madness and enjoy some Mi Publitos.

Saturday, right before the snow came,  I ran a super hilly, super windy, super sucky 7 out of 9 of Kim's training plan miles.  I am sure glad that Kim is training for a half, or else I have a feeling those miles wouldn't have happened.  

After that run I wanted to stay in bed for the rest of the day, but I perservered and went to a high school friend's baby shower.  

IMG 2869

Ina rocked out her dalmatian outfit and it was so lovely to see so many of my friends that I hadn't seen in ages.

IMG 2871

After the shower a few of my friends followed me home, Dan made chili, and we finished our Newsroom marathon.  Does anyone else want to come over to our house and start watching that show, because I need an excuse to watch it for the 4th time.  

Sunday church was cancelled, so we stayed in, completed a few house projects,

IMG 2874

(Don't worry, the mirror is still on the ground.)

took some naps,

IMG 2875

and did some standing

IMG 2878

and falling.

IMG 2882

Then Dan's family came over and we enjoyed some enchiladas, rice, beans,

IMG 2884

and dessert.  

IMG 2885

Oh the dessert.  

IMG 2886

The beautiful girl in the red is quite the little baker.  

559096 10200858246279559 1041084436 n 1

Then my butt was officially kicked at Sequence. 

IMG 20130324 181742

However, Ina loved it.   The second Stacie put the cards in front of her she was so excited and concentrated on them so hard.  I loved it, although I shouldn't be surprised. With my love for cards and games, that girl just doesn't have a chance.  

I hope you had just as lovely of a weekend!


  1. Look at that big girl trying to stand up already!!

    I hope the snow goes away soon. March has been such a weird month!

  2. Cute bunny PJs!

    I so need to see that show. I watched the pilot on my flight to Ireland this past fall. We can't get it on Netflix! UGh.

  3. My flight home from FLA was delayed...not that I complained!
    I finally started my own blog!!!!
    I'm working on adding other blogs that I read - but i haven't figured out how to add them....


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