Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pulling a Racheal

Sometimes when my friends do something a little silly or absent minded, like lose their cameras or break their phones, they say they "pulled a Racheal."

Yesterday was one of those days when I gave the term its meaning. 

 - I spent all day mad at myself that I forgot to bring my camera to my grandma's, even though I swore I put it in my bag.  When we were packing up to leave I saw it lying on the floorboard of my car.  

The only picture that was on it was of my lunch a few days ago- 

IMG 2672

(Thanks Charlotte for the picture frame!  It is perfect for my work desk!

- I spent 2 hours working on a project for work, only to find out that it somehow did not save. I wish I could blame it on the computer or program, but logically user error is the likely culprit.  

- I started the warm-up for my workout dvd full of enthusiasm, and swung my arms with everything I had - right into my grandma's chandelier.  Ye-ouch.   The good news was the everyone in my family was very entertained by my pain and helped me yell back at Jillian when she was getting a little too bossy.

Another random thought - the first week of daylight savings is always really hard, I think for me because I am a morning person and I hate feeling like an hour of my morning was taken away.  However, I really do enjoy the extra hour it feels like we have in the evening.  I can actually stay up past 8:30!  Ha!

Thought for the day

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