Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I know I am a little late to the party, but a few days ago I added the Stitcher app to my phone.  Stitcher is a way to listen to all of your favorite podcasts without downloading them to your phone, iPod, etc. 

I have been listening on my drive to work, and at times during work, depending on what I am doing.  

I love it.  I feel it is a way to stay current and listen to interesting facts, as an alternative to watching the news.  I also like the background noise in my quiet office.

Here are my favorite podcasts so far. 

Do you have any to recommend?  I would like to listen to one about family / parenting, but when I typed that in the search bar the results were overwhelming.  


Breakfast - hardboiled eggs with toast and an unpictured grapefruit.

IMG 2895

Lunch - leftover enchiladas with some unpictured angel food cake

IMG 2897

Dinner- Dan and I decided to protest the snow and grill.

IMG 2899

It was cold,

IMG 2900

but oh so worth it.  Grilled chicken with roasted green beans and some box stuffing.

IMG 2901

Ina Mae helped make the stuffing.  

IMG 2898

Thought for the day


  1. Does she love her green chair? the hubs and I registered for the same one this weekend!

  2. The Half Size Me podcast is great, too! I love listening to them during my commute. :)

  3. I've been missing my daily dose of Ina Mae :) Thanks for app suggestion! I listen to I Heart Radio to listen to my local radio show "Kane Show". I've wanted to listen to podcasts, but like you, I don't want to dl them lol!

  4. I guess I'm even later to the party. I didn't know about Stitcher until now! (Submits post to go download app.) Thanks!

  5. I bet Ina Mae's stuffing was fabulous

  6. Some podcasts you may like are:
    The Moth
    60 second science
    WNYC's radiolab
    Vital Signs
    This American Life is my all time favorite. The Moth and Radiolab have a similar feel.
    Ask me about nerdy science stuff, and I am full of ideas, but sorry no family podcast suggestions!

  7. I like The Moth (sometimes the stories are not family friendly but they will say Explicit next to them) and Radiolab. Also I think it is called Stuff you Should Know and it is a science one that is very interesting. This American Life and Jillian Michaels are my favorite.

  8. Wall Street Journal This Morning is my favorite news/business/finance podcast. The hosts are very witty
    Parent Savers/Boob Group are my favorite parenting podcast (though I'm a bit biased since I blog for Parent Savers, hah)


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