Friday, March 8, 2013

My First Night Away

Last night was my first night away from the house without Ina. 

About a month ago someone emailed me asking if I could go to a networking event hosted by my pharmacy school. Sure, I thought, I'll be ready to leave the house by then!


Yes, I have left Ina to go to work, but leaving her for non-work things is a new kind of guilt.  

I mean, how in the world does a person walk away from this?

IMG 2649

However, once I left the house everything was fine. I was able to talk to a few pharmacy students, had a chance to hang out with a good friend, and sipped on a good (ridiculously overpriced) glass of wine.

I arrived home just in time to give Ina a bath and watch the tail end of Jurassic Park.  (That movie scares me more now than when I was in elementary school.) 


Breakfast: blueberry walnut overnight oats with almond milk coffee

IMG 2643

Lunch: leftover slower cooker red beans and rice

IMG 2644

Dinner: (unpictured) appetizers at the networking event + a bowl of cereal at home

Snacks: orange, apple, and peanut butter and carrots

IMG 2648

Points Breakdown

Screen Shot 2013 03 08 at 5 48 17 AM

Thought for the day

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  1. Great eatings day :) And The Office quote makes my day 100000x better lol


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