Monday, March 4, 2013

My Favorite Three Things About Three Months

1. Her smile.  DSCN3442

Of course, I think I have gushed about this since the first time it happened.  However, before it was a random smile, or a smile that only happened after 15 minutes of us trying with all our might to get her to smile.  Now she smiles when I smile at her.  A real, eye-contact, social smile.  She smiles when I come get her up from a nap.  She smiles when she sees me when I come home from work. She smiles at the baby in the mirror.  She smiles at Abby.  She smiles at Dan.  I love it.  Once in a while, when we are super lucky, she gives us a squeal along with her smile. 


2. Her "talking."  


For a long time the only sounds she made were whimpers, cries, and screams. Now she will make all different sorts of noises.  She is the best at gaaahhhs.  It is so fun to watch her experiment with different inflections and different shapes of her mouth. She really likes when I repeat the sound she made back to her.  When I get home from work I sit her on my lap and say, "Tell me about your day."  Then, she starts "telling" me all about while Abby tells me what they did that day


3. Her kicks.


 This girl's legs never stop moving and they have quite a bit of force behind them.  A few times she has put me near tears when she is eating, as her little feet line up perfectly with my C-section scar.  Oof.    When we play "baby in the mirror" she practically jumps out of my lap to see herself closer.  She is a fish in the tub, splashing water out with her feet.  Even when she is just lying on the ground, her feet are up in the air.  Jillian Michaels would be proud of Ina's reverse crunch ability.


Other 3 month updates:

- Ina has started blowing raspberries.  Her little eyebrows perk up and her lips press together as the little bubbles come out of her mouth.  My favorite is when she crosses her eyes to see her creation - so cute!

- A few days ago Ina discovered her feet.  She inspected them for a solid 10 minutes.  

- Ina is not a fan of people she doesn't know holding her.  Yesterday, Dan's family came over for a visit and any time one of them would hold her she would scream.  Like, really scream.  Have I created this?

- I have started reading a few books to Ina when we are trying to delay eating time.  She seems somewhat interested in the pictures, but I think she mostly just likes the sound of my voice. 

- Ina is sleeping about 6 to 7 hours at night.  Her pediatrician told me to "cluster feed" her when I get home at 6, 8, and 10 and keep her up between 8 and 10.  So far, that has been working, except we are closer to 5, 7, and 9 because Lord knows I can't stay up until 10.  

- Ina and Abby are getting along very well.  Pretty soon Ina is going to like her more than me.  My only saving grace is that I feed her when I get home.  I may never stop breastfeeding. 

- Her dirty diapers are down to once every other day.  It is so nice, however, although they are rare, when they happen they are fierce and almost always require an outfit change. 

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