Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Brother's Wedding

Yesterday my baby brother got married.  

IMG 2778

The ceremony was beautiful,

IMG 2716

the reception was fun,

IMG 2762


the food was good,

IMG 2776

 the cake was amazing.  

IMG 2787

(mother-son dance)

What else does a wedding need?

Cue the matching babies.

IMG 2757

Agghhh....if that dress wasn't the most uncomfortable thing Ina has ever worn, I would have her wear it everyday.

IMG 2717

My dad - Pappa Scott

IMG 2718

Dan was in the wedding - he cleans up pretty nice, huh?

IMG 2729

Nanny Abby was on her day off, but still couldn't help holding Ina.

What is cuter than matching babies?  

Matching babies kissing.  

IMG 2746

I have to give a special shout out to my Aunt Jerri who held Ina during the entire ceremony.  Ina had been in a mood the 24 hours leading up to the ceremony, but once that music started, Aunt Jerri used her magic touch to keep her happy and quiet the entire time.  Her good mood carried over into the reception - I am calling her next time!

IMG 2766

One more baby pic-

IMG 2699

Just when I think I can't put her in anything cuter, she put on her Easter outfit.  All I can say is bunny-rabbit tail.  

After we got home from the wedding, I started a load of laundry so that Ina could wear her St. Patty's sleeper one more time.  Dan asked what I was doing, I explained, and he said, 

"What?!?  St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow?  I haven't even had one green beer." 

To which I replied, "Go get a can of beer - I have green food coloring."

"We don't have any beer."

That is why I made two of the greenest dirty martinis you will ever see. My lips are looking a little Elphaba-ish this morning.  

IMG 2795

Happy St. Patty's Day!


  1. You look fantastic in that blue dress!! Love! And Ina just could not be any cuter, in the wedding dress or the St. Patrick's Day sleeper!

  2. Ina is adorable and Racheal - you are looking great! Cheers to you.


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