Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ina's Mohawk

Last night we re-started our weekly dinners with Courtney's family.  We headed over to her house with guacamole in hand.  

IMG 2855

Eric made the margaritas.  Dan made Ina's mohawk.

IMG 2856

One of Dan's favorite things to do is lick Ina's hair into a mohawk.  I keep telling him that she is going to have a cowlick in the back of her head if he doesn't stop.  However, I think this is the cutest mohawk I have ever seen.

IMG 2857

It has been a long time since I have had a margarita and this was delish.  Even better were the shrimp tacos that Courtney made.  I think I need her recipe.  

IMG 2858

Breakfast was a to-go peanut butter and banana sandwich with a HOT cup of coffee to wash it down.

IMG 2844

Lunch was leftover beef stir fry. Snacks - mango, kiwi, snap peas, and carrots.

IMG 2843


Another Ripped in 30 day.  Dan came downstairs while I was in the middle of the first strength set and just starred at me in shock.  He didn't think workout videos could be that serious.  I told him that Jillian Michaels was a far stretch from Richard Simmons.  (Although I do LOVE Richard Simmons and used to sweat to the oldies with my mom and siblings all the time!)

Thought for the day

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