Monday, March 11, 2013

Girls Weekend

Good morning! Sorry for the silence over the weekend, but Momma was busy.  I need the daylight savings committee to add another hour in the day so I can write my blog.  

Speaking of, who else wanted to curse whoever came up with daylight savings this morning?  Every cell in my body noticed that hour difference.  Ina, however, doesn't know anything about that stuff and is still sleeping peacefully an hour longer than normal.  (<---silver lining)

This weekend was spent mostly with girls. My brother is getting married next weekend, so Friday night Dan went to the bachelor party.  That gave Abby, Ina, and me an opportunity to go shopping!

First we had dinner at Planet Sub, 

IMG 2656

then we headed over to Marshall's to find something to wear to the wedding.  Abby was successful.  I was not.  

IMG 2657

Saturday morning I ran 6 miles with my friend / neighbor Kim.  She is training for a half marathon and had 8 on her training schedule, so she dropped me off after 6 and finished the other two by herself!  Talk about dedicated - it would take a lot of will power to be so close to home and go back out!

Saturday night was the bachelorette party.  Dan and Ina hung out while I went to dinner at Buca di Peppo.   Here is the lovely bride:

IMG 2663

I sipped on some sangria, 

IMG 2662

ate some amazing salad and pasta,

IMG 2664

and chatted with my family.  

It was nice to go to a restaurant without worrying about Ina, but by the time we were paying the bill I sure missed her and was ready to get back home.  

Sunday was church, Ina had to get some blood drawn (waaahhh), and then we headed to my grandparents' house where we had some major baby playing time.

IMG 2669

The dancing, singing, and clapping were in abundance.  

Dinner was an early celebration of St. Patty's Day.  My mom made some yummy corned beef and cabbage.  

IMG 2670

Meal planning for this week wasn't in the schedule, unfortunately.  However, because we have family in town for the wedding, I never know where we are going to be at night.  I plan on just taking it one day at a time over here. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and an amazing week!

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