Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Confession Time

Good morning!  I have a little pep in my step because Ina slept for EIGHT HOURS last night!  I drifted off to sleep as Dan was putting Ina down around 9 and woke up to our alarm at 5.  Amazing. 

Now that I am full of energy, I feel like it is time for a few confessions:

1. I didn't break my camera.  I promise.  BUT, I did break the SD card that stores all the pictures in my camera.  Therefore, I have no food or Ina pictures to share.  Never fear, thanks to my awesome Amazon Mom membership, the nice people at Amazon sent me a new one!  Expect the usual pictures tomorrow.

2. I didn't lose my phone.  I promise.  BUT, I did leave it at my sister's house on Friday night.  I thought I might go get it on Sunday, but that didn't happen. I am going to see her on Saturday, so I think I will wait until then.  If you are trying to get a hold of me, I promise I am not intentionally ignoring you. 

3. I haven't been tracking my WW points since I started back to work.  I honestly feel like my brain in going a million different directions at once and there isn't room for one more thought.  I have been trying to make good food choices, but adding the numbers just isn't happening.  It used to annoy me when people would say they didn't have the time to track, I thought it was just an excuse.  Now, I understand, but also know that I need to find the time, even if that means planning all my meals and snacks on Sunday.  More on that later.

4. I failed on giving up dessert for Lent about one week in.  This really surprised me, as I usually can do something I set my mind to.  However, Dan brought the bag of Sour Patch Kids he bought me for Valentine's Day up to our bedroom.  I was up in the middle of the night feeding Ina, and in my sleep deprived hunger, I ate some. It was all downhill from there. Good news - giving up facebook is still going strong.  

Thought for the day

Correction - I use Google when spell check has no idea what word I am trying to type.  Ha!

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