Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Extra Long Morning

Usually my mornings go a little something like this:  Ina wakes up around 4:30 to 5ish, I feed her, and then scramble around to blog, run, and get ready before she wakes up for the day.  Sometimes she never goes back to sleep and sometimes she sleeps until 6:45, but yesterday morning a miracle occurred.

Like usual, she woke up at 5.  After I fed her I stuck her back in her rocker, and crept downstairs to guzzle a few cups of coffee and write my blog post for the day.  At 6 she was still asleep, so I changed into my running clothes and busted out 3 miles on the treadmill.  

I huffed my way back upstairs, woke Dan up, but Ina was still passed out.  I was so excited to have the time to take a relaxing shower and actually shave my legs in more than 2 minutes. 

After getting dressed and kissing Dan goodbye she was still asleep.  It felt weird to be able to straighten my hair without making up songs with Ina's name in them.  (Our current favorite is singing, I love Ina Mae, she is my baaabbbyyy, to the tune of I love Rock n' Roll.)

With my hair and make up done, Ina still hadn't budged.  I went downstairs, stuck some peanut butter banana overnight oats in the fridge, packed my lunch, and then finished up some dishes in the sink. 

IMG 2677

(Lunch - random but filling: baked potato with cottage cheese and deli roast beef.  Snacks - apple, orange, red pepper, and carrots and a binkie for good measure)

IMG 2830

I walked upstairs to check on Ina again  - made sure she was breathing - then put away some laundry and started another load.  

Finally I had the good sense to throw some dinner in the crockpot.  I knew I had some chicken in the fridge, so I Googled  "Weight Watchers slow cooker chicken" and found this lovely chicken cacciatore recipe.  After about 5 minutes of chopping, and opening a few cans, dinner was simmering away.

IMG 2832

(I was forced to open a bottle of wine for the recipe.)

Once dinner was prepped I couldn't' take it anymore.  I just went upstairs, sat down next to her rocker and stared at her. 

IMG 2831

She must have felt my presence because after watching her sleep for a few minutes her big beautiful blue eyes looked up and smiled at me.  

I couldn't pick her up fast enough.  We had just enough time to eat, play, and talk a little before I had to go to work.  It was extra hard to leave her yesterday.  


We enjoyed dinner last night while watching The Biggest Loser Season Finale.  I even had Dan sucked in.  I LOVED the ending and I especially loved what Joe said about how being healthy and being happy are one in the same.  It was a great inspiration!


  1. This was probably one of my favorite BL seasons. I'm kinda sad it's over. :) This was also the first season that Dane watched with me.

  2. I loved this season's BL, especially how the kids got healthy too!!


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