Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts + Weekly Meal Plan

This weekend has been all over the place.  From shampooing all three floors of my house to leaving my phone at my sister's house, to staying on the phone with Direct TV for ONE WHOLE HOUR, I have barely had time to think straight.  

However, Ina did take her first bath since her last first bath (showers in between).


Poor thing had some gunk build-up in her neck rolls - she was saving the spit up and blanket particles for later - so I thought two hands were necessary to make sure she was squeaky clean.


As it turns out, she now LOVES baths.  


Can you even handle the cuteness?

Dan also took Ina to see his grandpa in the nursing home without me.  It was the first time she has left the house without me and it felt so weird to be here without her. They were gone for 4 hours.  I went grocery shopping, made dinner, and then sat down to watch some TV, only to find out that it didn't work, hence the one hour phone call.  Sigh.  

Finally we made some progress just in time to catch the end of Beaches (no matter how many times I see it I cry my eyes out) and then watch Bridesmaids.  Dan had never seen it before and it was hilarious to watch his reaction to the dress fitting scene.  

Another first - I put Ina Mae to sleep in her crib!  Until now, she had been sleeping in her rocker next to our bed.  She slept in her crib until 1:30, which is earlier than she typically would wake up, but I would still call it a successful first try.  

Crazy Saturday night around here.  

Today is church, then meal prepping, then Dan's family is coming over for some quality baby time.  

Sunday - Scooter's spaghetti casserole with salad

Monday - slow cooker red beans and rice with roasted broccoli

Tuesday - chicken parmesan meatball subs with salad

Wednesday - spinach and artichoke chicken noodle casserole

Thursday - quinoa chicken broccoli "mac" and cheese (adding chicken and broccoli to the recipe)

Friday - leftovers

Meal prepping is where it's at!  Last Sunday I prepped all last week's meals.  It took about 3 hours, but when I got home from work each night, all I needed to do was spend about 5 to 10 minutes in the kitchen and dinner was served!

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Oh I just love that sweet baby belly!

  2. She's such a cutie!! I love it when dinner is all ready when I get home. I plan my meals, but need to prep!!

  3. Rachael I love reading your blog and hearing all about your sweet baby. My baby is turning 9 years old later this month. It sure does go by fast so enjoy ever moment. I just made the chicken meatball subs you had on your weekly plan.. They were so easy and delicious. Thanks for sharing your weekly meal plans it is great to try new recipes..


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