Monday, March 18, 2013

A Lucky Day

Yesterday was a very lucky St. Patrick's Day.

Although Ina didn't cry in church, she had an awful lot to say during the sermon.   We were still lucky not to break her no-crying in church record.

IMG 2800

We were lucky to find some blooming daffodils

IMG 2799

and shamrocks!

IMG 2798

Lucky to eat lunch with the fam

IMG 2803

and really lucky to find a zero calorie cookie!

IMG 2804

Lucky in cards

IMG 2814

and naps.

IMG 2801

We were lucky to catch a picture of all three kids looking at the camera.

IMG 2825

Although I think we were more lucky to capture this little beauty.  

IMG 2826

Like I said, it was a lucky day.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that Kim and I ran 5.85 miles on Saturday before the wedding.  That plus the tallest pair of heels I own at the wedding meant for some sore legs yesterday.  

Thought for the day

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