Friday, March 15, 2013

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was the first day of "my" Spring.  I know the calendar doesn't agree, but as far as I am concerned it is the truth.

IMG 2686

You know, the first day when everyone in the neighborhood is outside walking, grilling, or just sitting on their front porch.  The first day that everyone opens up a window or two to air out the house.  The first day you really don't want to be at work, school, or anywhere else that keeps you inside.  

I was stuck inside working most of the day, but as soon as my laptop closed I was lacing up my tennis shoes and strapping Ina in the B.O.B for our first official stroller walk.

IMG 2682

Of course, because it was the first time we used our stroller, I was super worried and that she was strapped in correctly.  I must have stopped to make sure she was breathing 20 times.  However, her little outbursts of cries let me know that she was breathing more than fine.  I hope she was just fighting sleep, because about half way through she gave in to the motion and fell fast asleep.   I really want Ina to like being in the stroller, because I can't wait to have her as a running partner. 

IMG 2683

After our walk Ina, Abby, and I sat outside and enjoyed a nice glass of ice water - I don't think water has ever tasted so good.

IMG 2689

When Dan came home we stayed outside and played frisbee.  

IMG 2708

Ina loved watching us play - she sat in her rocker, perfectly content, cooing and giggling at her un-coordinated mother who threw the frisbee 90 degrees away from its intended target. By the end of the night, Dan and I agreed that I should stick to slow-long distance running as my sport.  Ha!

IMG 2710

After playing frisbee we came inside to a nice hot bowl of Slow Cooker Cuban Style Pork and Sweet Potato Stew.  

IMG 2711

Yeah, I know, I didn't really plan that out correctly, but it was nice to have dinner ready and waiting.  We had to open 3 windows and turn the ceiling fan on high just to not sweat while eating.

Happy Friday!

Thought for the day


  1. I love that you were in shorts and we were all bundled up down here in Florida. haha :)

  2. I'm jealous of your "spring" weather. Here in Mass it's still cold and snowy and they are talking about more snow on Monday/Tuesday. I'm sooo done with winter!!!!

  3. I'm so jealous you are outside in shorts right now! ;-)


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