Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Won't Believe That...

You won't believe that after the SuperBowl, as our guests were leaving, Gertrude paid us another visit.  

IMAG0164  1

Seriously.  l swear, this kind of thing only happens to me.  What are the odds?  

It was hard enough to convince Dan that we didn't need a wild bird as a pet the first time around.  When he/she flew in the house for the second time, I had fate and destiny to argue with.  After 30 minutes of persuasion, I finally led Gertrude out of our bedroom balcony.  

Dan is upset but at least Ina is safe.  For now.

You also won't believe that I still don't have my camera (planning on getting that today) so I didn't take any pictures of the amazing spread of food we had for the SuperBowl.

A few recipes I used:

Chocolate fruit dip with strawberries

Pretzel Bites - with a fresh jalapeƱo slice on top of half

Veggie tray with Greek yogurt veggie dip

We also had a fried turkey, baked beans, pulled pork, bacon wrapped shrimp, guacamole, cheese dip, and more.  Our counters were overflowing.

You also won't believe that I haven't looked at a  pair of running shoes in 4 days.  I had an extremely busy weekend and yesterday was one of those days that I  couldn't even brush my teeth until 7 PM.  I have big plans for today.  We shall see how it goes.

You won't believe that Ina has been flashing us smiles left and right. I hope to have a 2 month post up tomorrow with lots of proof.

Have a great day!

Thought for the day

This is a repeat, but applicable.

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