Friday, February 22, 2013


Even though I have been writing this blog for over a year, I still get excited when I get an email saying that someone commented on my blog.  I only get a few a day, so it is always a treat.  Bless the wonderful people who "talk back" to me.  


However, lately, I have been getting quite a few comments from "anonymous readers" who really seem to love me:

Screen Shot 2013 02 22 at 1 27 12 PM

Always happy to find a new reader.

Screen Shot 2013 02 22 at 1 27 29 PM

Glad I could make your cup of coffee even better.  <---sarcasm font

I have been getting about 20 of these emails / comments per day.  I have never had this problem before, so I don't exactly know how to handle it.  Any advice?

I also don't understand the purpose of spam blog comments.  Do these people honestly think that someone is going to click on their link?

I might just email Blogger and see what they have to say.


Yesterday was fiber-ific.

I had a bowl of Fiber One cereal for breakfast.

IMG 2614

A bowl of pork and beans with whole wheat bread for lunch.

IMG 2617

Dan made "homemade hamburger helper" for dinner with broccoli and cheese and a huge salad.

IMG 2619

A good night.

IMG 2618

Points Breakdown

Screen Shot 2013 02 22 at 1 34 38 PM

Thought for the day



  1. I can never see you points. It shows up so small on my screen and I can't make it bigger.

    1. Hmmm...sorry about that. It shows up on my screen just fine. I will look into it and see if I can make it better. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  2. I get a ton of those spam comments too i hate it! let me know if you figure out what to do LOL

  3. Well, since I'm one of those people who always read your blog but never comment I figured today would be a good day to say hello and "talk back" to you! Have a great weekend!

  4. My favorite is when a spam comment gets caught by my platform's filter, and when I look at the link it's CLEARLY some really gross sex site, haha. Niiiiice.


  5. I've been getting a lot of those as well. UGH

  6. Yep I'm another blog stalker...I read about your life but this is my first time commenting. Love seeing what you eat every day :)

  7. I get them too! However, I only get the emails, the actual comment does not show up on my blog? Maybe I accidentally have a "setting" right! :)

  8. I've commented before, but I'm going to comment again to tell you that I LOVE reading your blog! It's at the top of my fav blog list, and I look forward to reading yours the most. I love seeing your transition to having/raising your sweet baby girl- she is such a beauty :) Anyways, sorry you have to deal w/ all those spam emails- lately I've been noticing a lot of spam ppl wanting to follow me on Instagram and I know the huge feeling of annoyance it brings.
    Have a great wknd!

  9. I get several a day, but have a widget called askimet that filters them out for me. Occasionally, one will seep through, but rarely. And occasionally one legit comment will seep through to spam, but I can review my spam before I delete them permanently. Good luck!

  10. I've never been but I heard so many great things about how do you stop spam The Makeup Show Orlando from bloggers that I decided I should make the trek to LA to check it out!


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