Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Weekend Thoughts

-Dan bought me a new kind of bread - "everything rye."  I am a fan

IMG 2479

- We went Brandy's baby shower on Saturday - it was super cute and I already want to go shopping for Ina's Spring / Summer wardrobe.  

IMG 2491

IMG 2489

- Mom + Baby in skinny jeans.  

IMG 2480

Ina's were red. Mine were held together by a hair tie.  Don't judge.

IMG 2482

Isn't her Vday outfit adorable?  Thanks Lelia for the adorable headband. It is the only one that doesn't make her scream!

- A few of my favorite ladies holding my little girl.

IMG 2492

IMG 2488

- We missed saying, "surprise" at our friend Nigel's surprise birthday party because Dan and I couldn't agree on how to get to our destination.   For once, I was right.  Now, I will doubt his sense of direction forever.  Ha!

- Ina actually slept through the night on Saturday, but Dan had a stomach problem and woke me up at 2:30 anyways.   I feel bad for how mean I was to him as he was hugging the toliet.  I really wanted to sleep more than 5 hours.  Oh well, the day is coming.  

- Ina was an angel at church yet again.  

- Ina Mae loves tummy time on the boppy.  

IMG 2495

Well, love might be a little stretch, but she tolerates tummy time on the boppy.  

- We spent the rest of Sunday watching the movie 5 Year Engagement (hilarious) and the new FX show The Americans (very good so far) and eating dinner.

IMG 2500

First grilled chicken of the season.  Plus roasted sweet potatoes, onion, carrots, and zucchini and a salad.  

Thought for the day

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