Monday, February 18, 2013

Newsroom Weekend

Saturday night we invited our friends Ashely and Brady over for a Newsroom marathon.  

IMG 2590

(On the menu - veggies, fruit and dip, then Dan's chicken and noodles)

We introduced them to the show a few months back - and then lost all the On Demand epiosodes of it.  Fail #1.

A few weeks ago we switched to Direct TV and the On Demand List "said" we had all of the episodes.  So, I invited them over promising a night full of knowledge and debate.

Unfortunately, we had to download the episodes, and our internet has become dinosaur slow.  Fail #2.

However, by Sunday night, all the episodes had downloaded, so we invited them back over for round two.  Finally, a success.

Other weekend highlights -

- A 3 mile run with my wonderful and lovely neighbor

- Mi Publitos for lunch with good friends after church on Sunday (Ina was passed out all through church and lunch)

IMG 2593

- Family time on Sunday afternoon 

IMG 2594

IMG 2597

plus a huge pot of chili courtesy of Dan the Man. 


I absolutely love my house full of people who get to leave with their bellies and hearts full.  

Points Breakdown


Screen Shot 2013 02 18 at 10 25 30 AM

SundayScreen Shot 2013 02 18 at 10 27 31 AM

I'll admit, I was a little careless with my tracking this weekend, but tried to keep a "mental tally"  However, I am on the straight and narrow today!

Thought for the day

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