Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Ina Mae Faves - Two Months

Here is a story about a mom who lost her mind.  And a 2 month onesie.  

When I took Ina's one month onesie pictures I put her 2 month onesie is an easy place, where I could grab it the next month to snap pics.  That "easy place" is where is still hides. 

Does anyone else do that?  

I will probably find it when it is time to take her 4 or 5 month pics.  Until then, I will have to put my photoshop skills to the test.

Here is a list of all of my favorites about my favorite two month old.

Favorite Sight

Where do I start?  How do I choose between her morning stretch after she gets done eating,

IMG 2298

her cuteness in her hooded towel,


and that smile.

IMG 2427

I could ride the high of that smile all the way to the moon.   

IMG 2429

Favorite Smell

Ina continues to smell amazing.  Even when she hasn't showered in a few days, I could drink in her baby scent.

IMG 2306

Unfortunately, Ina has also started to spit up a little bit here and there.  So, occasionally, she also smells like soured milk.  Yum.  

Favorite Touch

Ina has turned into an active little girl.  She is constantly kicking, even when I am feeding her.  Her little jabs are great reminders of how much energy she has.  She also has gained some control over her hands and loves to grab my finger.      She has turned into quite the little cuddle bug and can easily fall asleep when she is near me.  

IMG 2421

Favorite Sound

Ina Mae has started to coo.  I even catch her laughing in her sleep sometimes, which is so fun.  However, Ina Mae has learned her favorite form of communication - crying.  I can usually get her calmed down pretty quickly.  However, Dan doesn't have as much experience.  

IMG 2235

So, when he is holding her and she gets upset, it takes every ounce of self control I have to not grab her and make the crying stop.  Hearing Ina cry is like hearing nails on a chalkboard.   I know that Dan needs to learn how to soothe her in his own way.  Last Saturday I almost pulled my hair out waiting for her to quiet down, and eventually Dan's dad skills did the trick.  

Favorite Taste

Unfortunately, I had a chance to taste a little part of Ina.  The other day she spit up right in my mouth.   Ick.  That is what I get for holding her up and smiling at her right after she ate. 

A few other updates

  • Ina is sleeping great.  We get up once (around 3ish) or twice (around 1ish and 4ish) a night.  I have started to sleep a little better too.  She still sleeps in her rocker next to our bed, and I bring her in to feed her, then put her right back.
IMG 2418
  • Ina continues to nurse well.  She is getting better control over the situation, and I can multi-task more.
  • Ina hates tummy time, so we don't do it more than 30 minutes a day.  Therefore, she hasn't rolled over.  However, she is getting stronger and stronger head control.  IMG 2395When I put her on my chest she lifts her head up and it bobbles as she keeps it up.  I also can put her in her Bumbo for a few minutes before her head gets too heavy. 

IMG 2424

Ina has changed so much from one month to two months.  I cannot wait to see what 3 months brings, although I also don't want her to change one single bit!  

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