Saturday, February 23, 2013


A few housekeeping issues, but first a picture of what covers the floor in my house - 

IMG 2620

Yes, all of those are necessary.

- After I posted yesterday's post about spam, I seemed to get even more spam comments.  So, I had to add the word verification in my comments section again.  Now my Blogger settings look like this: 

Screen Shot 2013 02 23 at 2 32 35 PM

Since I changed those settings, I haven't had any spam comments.  Yay!  If you have this problem too, maybe give these setting a try.

- Thank you to those of you who introduced yourselves yesterday!  However, I do want to say that I don't mind if people don't comment.  I just love that you stop by to see what I have to say every once in a while.  Believe me, I read lots of blogs and never comment on them.  No judgement here.

- Next week I go back to work (wwaaahhhhh), so all of my posts are going to be pre-written. I am going to give myself a week of getting into a routine before adding writing my blog on top everything else I have to do before I hop out the door.  Tomorrow I plan on posting my menu plan for the week, plus a grocery list if you want to cook along with me. :)


Breakfast was another bowl of Fiber One.

IMG 2614

Lunch was leftover beef and noodles from the night before, plus another salad - minus the broccoli.  

IMG 2619

We had some friends over for dinner for shredded chicken tacos.  

IMG 2622

I washed it down with a few beers and enjoyed some good guacamole and good company.

IMG 2623

What a big girl!


I started another season of TBL - season 13 I think.  I ran 3.2 miles watching Dolvette for motivation.  Momma like.

Points Breakdown

Screen Shot 2013 02 23 at 2 37 12 PM

Thought for the day


  1. Hi! I read your blog in Google Reader, so I don't know if that adds to your site stats, but HIIIIIIIII! I have been reading your blog for a while because I was on WW too, and liked reading about other successful WW'ers, and I was able to maintain my goal weight for almost a year because 9 months in to maintenance, we got pregnant! Baby girl is due in now I read your blog to see what baby items you have/what you think about them. I admit to pointing to some of your pictures and saying, "Jim, Jim, I want that for baby!" Oh yes, and because after she is born, I plan to use WW Online (again!) to get back down to my maintenance weight, I will CONTINUE to read your blog to see how it's going for you.

    So anyway, just dropping in! Keep on writing!

  2. I, For one, am looking forward to your return to work!


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