Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

A cute valentine.

IMG 2556

Thanks G for the ginormous bear!

A healthy valentine...

IMG 2558

Door to door organics for the win.

A useful valentine.

IMG 2548

Dan has officially been at his company for 5 years.  "He" was able to pick a gift.  "He" picked a food processor.  "He" will get a lot of use out of it.  

An active valentine.


Last night Dan, Ina, and I went to a local lake to walk on the trail.  Unfortunately, we got there too late and were kicked out by the park ranger, but not before getting 30 minutes in.  I told Dan that with his uniform and hat he looked like a guy stealing a baby.  

IMG 2552

He thought that was funny.

Eats and Exercise

4 mile run while watching Glee.  Now I am all caught up and depressed.

Breakfast - overnight oats with coconut and walnuts

IMG 2544

Lunch - leftovers from the night before

Snack - mango, kiwi, banana smoothie with Greek yogurt and milk

IMG 2549

One for me and one for Abby.

Dinner - the recipe on the back of Aldi's turkey meatballs (thanks David for the suggestion!)

IMG 2553

IMG 2554

No dessert.  39 days left.  

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