Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby in the Mirror

Dan is a procrastinator.

The guy is great, but he can drag a project out to the end of time.  When we moved out of our old house, the outlet covers were still missing from when we painted when we moved in.  We have had a dead plant on our front porch all Winter long.  We have had a huge mirror on the floor in our living room for 2 months.  

For 2 months he has been waiting until the perfect time to hang it.  For 2 months, every time another male is at our house I say, "Hey Dan, you could hang that mirror today."  

For 2 months he has thought of a reason not to:

We don't have the right wire

We can't decide exactly where we want to hang it.

The ladder isn't tall enough.

Does anyone have an extra tall ladder?

Anyways, for once I am so thankful for his procrastination, because it turns out that a huge mirror on the floor is perfect for playing, "Who's that baby?" with Ina. 

IMG 2611

I could sit with her for hours and watch her smile at herself.  


Try with all her might to stand and push herself towards that smiling girl.

IMG 2610

Over and over again I watch her head starts to bobble as it gets too heavy and her knees slowly bend as she cuddles into my lap.



She also gets this look of curosity as she sees me in the mirror. I can almost see the wheels turning in her brain as she is thinking, "If mom is over there, then who in the world is holding me?"  

 I love it.  

So, thanks Dan, for not doing what I tell, er, ask you to do.


Breakfast and lunch are on repeat until the end of time.  No description necessary.

IMG 2608

IMG 2609

Dinner was baked tilapia following *this recipe* with roasted baby potatoes and roasted green beans.  

IMG 2613

Plus a piece of pizza before bed because I was famished.  Hey, we can't all be perfect and that fact that I only ate one piece when I knew there was a whole box in the fridge the entire day is a victory in and of itself.  

Points Breakdown

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 8 01 47 AM

Thought for the day


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