Saturday, February 16, 2013


Last night, some of our good friends invited us to go out to eat at one of our favorite Thai restaurants.  However, both of my children were not in a very good mood, so unfortunately we didn't make it.  After a long work week, Dan needed a night to relax, and I was worried about taking Ina to a pretty busy part of the city (<----- paranoid mom).  

We still needed to eat, so we went to our friendly neighborhood Applebee's.  

IMG 2582

(a few bites from the appetizer sampler platter)

It was a good thing we skipped out on the fancy Thai restaurant, because Ina gave us our first restaurant break-down.  Yes, we were "those people."  

IMG 2585

For only about 5 minutes, and then I bounced her into a trance and ate a salad with my left hand. As I am barely coordinated enough to eat with my right hand, poor Ina was covered in bits of lettuce and salad dressing by the time the night was over. 

IMG 2583

Applebee's has their full menu nutritional information online - something I should have looked into before going out to eat.  Then, I wouldn't have ordered a salad that was the same amount of points as a steak.  Duh.

Other Eats

Breakfast- overnight oats with coconut, walnuts, and blueberries - my favorite combo so far

IMG 2572

Lunch - deli - chicken salad with blue cheese dressing and toasted rye

IMG 2580

Snack - chai latte (my aunt sent me this Chai mix for Valentine's day)

IMG 2581


Points Breakdown

Screen Shot 2013 02 16 at 7 55 48 AM

Thought for the day


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  2. Hi Racheal- I'm really enjoying your blog! As I sit and watch biggest loser it is always late and my motivation is wasted! What website do you use to watch old biggest loser seasons? I would love to watch at the gym!

    1. Hi Rena! Thanks for reading! I watch The Biggest Loswer on Hulu. I have a Hulu Plus membership, which is less than $10 per month, and it has lots of shows with all the seasons. I hope that helps! :)


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