Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Reminder Email

I had a post planned today about my morning routine.  However, after one day back at work I can already tell that a "planned routine" is out of the question, at least for the first few months.  So instead, I thought I would tell you about my first day at work.  

Spoiler alert - I survived.   

I was a mess Sunday night and Monday morning leaving the house.  I think I said bye and kissed Ina about 20 times and all the make-up I put on was washed away before I got to work.  Dan gave me a pep talk on the drive in, but I was still feeling pretty down as I sat at my desk.  

It was weird, there were still documents and notes on my desk from 12 weeks earlier.  My water cup had a few drops in it.  The computer mouse felt funny in my hand.

I spent most of the day going through my ginormous email inbox and finally got to the email I sent my boss the day that Ina was born.  I remember sitting in the hospital, with monitors hooked up to my belly, typing up that email.  It said,

"I will be a little late to work tomorrow.  The baby wasn't moving as much, so I am admitted for the night so they can monitor her.  I will let you know more in the morning." 

(Little did I know what was in store for me just a few hours later.)

So many of the emotions of that day came back to me and that is when I realized that me being upset about leaving Ina is so small compared to what other people have to be upset about, what I have had to be upset about in the past.  

The daughter I am leaving is healthy. The house I am leaving is warm, clean, and stocked with groceries. The job I am going to is one that I love and that provides for my family.  

I am blessed with those things, and for that I am thankful. 

The rest of the day was much better after I read that email. 

I returned home with a pounding headache to a fussy baby.  After playing with the mirror, trying to take a nap, and having a little snack, neither one of us were feeling much better.  However, after some Gripe Water and wine, we were good to go.  


(This was the first time I have given Ina any type of medication.  I think her stomach was hurting because she had milk that I had pumped when she was first born.  Any other mom's with that experience?)

Today I am snowed in, so I get to stay at home with my love.  I hope everyone else in this blizzard is staying safe!

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  1. Racheal I'm so happy your first day went well. I understand how you feel. I had to go back to work when my daughter was 6 weeks old, and I would have loved to have been blessed with 12 weeks, but due to financial reasons, I had to go back early.
    I was so fortunate to have an in home sitter that cared for my daughter as if she were her own grandchild. I told her when she first started watching her, don't tell me about any milestones. So I would be able to see them myself, and I did. first tooth, first step, etc. My daughter is 9 years old now and boy has time flown by.
    Racheal enjoy every moment with her. Take as many pictures as you can and document everything. It was fun to go back and show my daughter all the pictures and books I kept.


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