Friday, February 15, 2013

A Love / Hate Relationship

I hate Jillian Michaels...

especially when I go from squatting punches to what I consider the worst possible 3 minute torture my legs have ever been through.  

But, then I love her once we enter the cool-down and I have completed a great, effective workout in less than 30 minutes.

I love Valentine's Day...

IMG 2566

(so does Aumlette)

Cue extremely sappy card:

Vday card

Thank you, Walgreen's One Hour Photo, for making my last minute Valentine's Day dreams come true.  

IMG 2567

Dan went the unconventional route - 

IMG 2571

He never buys a card celebrating the actual holiday on purpose, I think.  

I hate Valentine's Day when I realize that I gave up dessert for lent and everyone sends me candy (including my husband).  Drat.

I thought I would hate making chicken pot pie, I mean, how could I beat Marie Calendar?

IMG 2568

However, as Dan has begged me to make it for years - literally - I got in the love day spirit and whipped something up following *this recipe*.  It was actually pretty delicious.  

IMG 2569

Enjoyed with roasted green beans, a green salad, and vino.  

(Notice the measuring spoon next to my plate for my salad dressing.  Yes, I am that cool.)

Other Eats -

Breakfast was overnight oats with Better N' Peanut Butter and a banana

Lunch was a chicken sandwich on rye.  I toasted it and then added 1/2 tsp of EVOO to each slice and sprinkled with garlic salt.  This was great - I didn't even miss the mayo.

IMG 2559

With radishes.

IMG 2560

Points Breakdown

For the past few weeks I had stopped sharing my WW points tracking here because it seemed tedious and I often didn't have time.  I also became bored typing about points, so I know reading about them was even worse.  Unfortunately, that left me feeling not as accountable.   After some thought, I have decided to track electronically (I have always done it on paper before) and share the screen shot of my etools everyday.  This way, I am accountable, but if you couldn't care less about my points values everyday, all you have to do is scroll past one picture.  Deal?  

Screen Shot 2013 02 15 at 5 38 51 AM

Thought for the day

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