Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wine and Ice Cream

Yesterday was one of those days that I forgot that I am taking care of a newborn and tried to do too much.  

IMG 2257

I attempted to make a dinner that required more than one pan.  Not smart. 

In between things burning, chopping veggies, and Ina screaming (poor girl had a tummy ache), after 2 hours dinner was finally done.

I made sweet and firey mango pork following *this recipe* with coconut cilantro rice following *this recipe* and roasted broccoli (15).  

IMG 2254 

I most look forward to Dan coming home everyday and getting a chance to talk and yesterday after all of this mess we had a total of 15 minutes together before he was snoring on the couch.  So, I drank a glass of wine (4) and ate some ice cream (10) by myself while watching Newsroom reruns.  

The most annoying part was that dinner wasn't even good.  The problem wasn't in the recipe but in the quality of meat.  I bought the pork on sale at Aldi.  Please don't tell Dan, because buying meat at Aldi is "against the rules."  

I needed this swift kick to remind me why I use my casserole dish and crock pot for most meals.  What was my excuse before Ina?  

I also attempted a treadmill run yesterday.  I started off and ended with 5 minutes at 4 mph.  The "run" started at 5 mph and increase by 0.1 mph every 3 minutes until I got to 6 mph.  I would have considered that pace slow in my former life, but it was plenty fast for post-pregnancy Racheal.  

I had to get off the treadmill a few times to soothe Ina, but even with the little breaks I was drained by the time I was done (+7).  It felt so good to run, even if it was slowly on a treadmill.  

Lunch was leftovers from Sunday - picadillo with brown rice and roasted brussel sprouts (9).

IMG 2253

I had a morning snack of a "salad sandwich" with goat cheese and sriracha (4).  This might be my new favorite snack.

IMG 2251

Afternoon snack of pistachios (5).

Breakfast was my go to Greek yogurt-bran flake-blueberry parfait (7) plus coffee (1).

IMG 2243

Today is my mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday JFo!

IMG 1435


  1. Sometimes we just have those days. You made it through! And I love how you did your meals backwards today.

    Oh girl, your post-run pregnancy pace is my fast pace! ;-) (Well, after this back injury, I'll be starting all over, too...)

  2. Wait, Why was this post titled Wine and Ice Cream! You had my attention with that one, but I didn't realize it until now that I didn't see either! ;-)

    1. Hehe, I drank / ate it by myself, and didn't even take a picture. I was obviously thinking about something else when I put the title in there! Ha!


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