Friday, January 11, 2013

The Biggest Loser

How have I never seen an episode of The Biggest Loser before?

A few days ago I was browsing my Hulu account, looking for something to watch while I walked on the treadmill.  I came across The Biggest Loser and thought it might be interesting.

I had previously avoided the show because it seemed to be just another hokey reality show.  I had also seen previews of the show and saw that the contestants were losing a huge chunk of weight really quickly and it seemed unhealthy to me.  However, I now stand corrected. 

I don't think I have ever been more motivated when on the treadmill.  This show rocked my world. I found myself clapping for the contestants and wanting to get in there and workout with them.  At first I wondered how long I would last in that gym, with those trainers in my face yelling at me.  Then I remembered the last time I did a Jillian Michaels workout video and how she left me a sweaty trembling mess and realized it wouldn't be more than 20 minutes.  Ha!  

I especially love that this season they are incorporating children into teams and challenges, and educating us on childhood obesity.  As I was walking on the treadmill, listening to all the scary facts about childhood obesity, I could see my sweet sleeping baby out of the corner of my eye.  

I became overwhelmed with this sense of responsibility to not only teach her, but show her how to live a healthy, happy life.   That night when Dan got home I talked to him about how important it was to me and he agreed. We started to talk about things we could do to encourage her to be active without shoving it down her throat.  

There are few times that a TV show inspires me (except for The Parenthood).  I finished the first episode feeling exactly that - inspired.  Inspired for myself, and for my family.  

My Hulu account has all the previous seasons on it. I think I am going to watch them too.  Do any of you have any favorite seasons that I should start out with?


Yesterday I walked 3 miles again. I was pretty tempted to bump up the speed to a jogging pace, but held myself back.  Soon, my friends.  Soon.


Breakfast - a spinach, mushroom, and cheddar 2 egg scramble, a piece of bread, and a grapefruit  along with a cup of joe (11).

IMG 2186

Lunch: I tried out a new to me food - lentils!

IMG 2189

I followed the recipe on the back of the bag.

IMG 2190

They were good - tasted a lot like ham and beans?  Served with roasted butternut squash for the perfect lunch! (8)

IMG 2192

With a Celebration Cake bar for dessert!

IMG 2193

(PS - Thank you so much to all of you kind souls who informed me about the recall on Ina's rocker.  I would not have known if you hadn't let me know.  I am planning on giving it a good washing today and about once a week from now on!)

For dinner Dan and I (and our sleepy baby) met up with some friends at Mi Publitos.  Tacos carne asada (18) with some of the rice (10).

IMG 2195

We met with David and his wife who are expecting their first little one to discuss parenting must haves.  We were also able to celebrate David's 109 pound weight loss and him reaching his goal today!  Congrats David!

IMG 2196

Dessert - Blue Bell per usual (5)

Total = 54 (Used 2 weekly points)

Thought for the day


  1. Oh girl, there are some seasons that will have your blood boiling! It's still a reality show in that they bring people in to create drama (keep it entertaining lol) but still keeps the main message. Don't start with last season haha. A lot of people love Tara because she kicked butt on the show (not sure of season). I'm sure you can google which is the best season (most tend to like the less drama riddled seasons too). There's too many to remember which I liked the best lol.

  2. I like Biggest Loser, I held out watching it for many seasons because I thought that it wasn't realistic to lose that much weight during a week, but it does have good ideas and it is entertaining. I'd love Jillian to train me for a week.

  3. Despite all of the controversy, I adore The Biggest Loser. We started watching a few years ago after there was a marathon of a season on one New Year's Day. People argue about how it's not realistic and that their way of losing weight is wrong, etc. However, there are a bits and pieces of it that are entirely motivating and inspiring. It's actually what got me started running. On one episode a couple of years back a bunch of gals were on a treadmill and one said to the other... "We just ran for 5 minutes!" I know this sounds like nothing, but I had never run 5 minutes straight and these people were 300 pounds. It was then and there that I thought, "If they can do it, I can, too." There is always a little piece I take away from every episode. Like Dr. H saying... "If you found out lymphoma, would you take 2 hours of your day to have chemotherapy?"

    There is definitely a different feel this season (especially after all the stupid crap from last sesason). And they are being really careful about how they handle the childhood obesity part of it... like not weighing the kids. I like how they used different forms of measurement like the physical fitness tests, so that they can see how far they've come. It made me think about how *everyone* starting a weight loss program should do this! It would have been great to have a measurement on ability, not just on size/weight. ;-)

  4. I incorporate Genevieve into my workouts a lot - using her as weights when I do squats/lunches, tapping her rocker (and counting) each time I lean forward for a sit up, carrying her on the elliptical or while doing dance workout videos, and bringing her when I walk or jog. I also explain what I'm doing when I'm cooking, as she watches from the rocker. I joked to the hubs that I hope I'm instilling healthy habits, rather than turning her into an obsessive/compulsive exerciser/dieter!


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