Thursday, January 3, 2013

Start Over Day

I have a slight confession to make.

My midwife cleared my for light exercise (ie, walking) two weeks ago.  Today was the first day that I took advantage of that.  


Excuse #1 - I was sick

Excuse #2 - It was the holidays. 

Excuse #3 - I didn't want to miss out on time with Little Miss

IMG 20130102 145847

Yesterday I couldn't think of any more excuses, so I carted Ina down to the basement in her rocker and walked 3 miles in 45 minutes while catching up on FaceBook and my blogs.  

Ina slept the entire time.  If she can sleep for 45 minutes while I am on the treadmill everyday, we just might be a match made in heaven.  

IMG 20130102 163236

As I have not so much as walked for 5 minutes since I was about 25 weeks pregnant, walking 3 miles was quite the workout.  I was a sweaty mess at the end.  Although I didn't exactly get a runner's high, I did feel great at the end.  Today, I am feeling slightly less great, because I am sore.  

Yesterday I also started Weight Watchers again and much to my surprise, I am allowed 48 points a day!  

That is insane.  I knew that nursing moms were given more points, but had no idea it was that many.  Just to compare, before I was nursing, I had 48 points on days that I ran 8 miles.  So, to me that means that calorie-wise, nursing a baby is equivalent to running 8 miles a day.  EIGHT MILES.  No wonder why  I have been ravenous the past month.  

My first WW meal was an instant success.



Although I thought 48 points was a lot, I had absolutely no problem eating them.  Here is the breakdown - picture style.  


Breakfast -hot apple quinoa breakfast bowl using  *this recipe*

Dinner: chicken parmesan muffins using *this recipe*

I am off to my first meeting.  I am weirdly looking forward to it.  Have a great day!



  1. Good luck and enjoy all of those points. 26 points here still!!

  2. So excited that you're doing WW again! i love reading all of your recipes! Hope your sweet little family is doing great :)

  3. Great blog! Can't wait to meet Ina!


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