Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rach is Back

When I was in pharmacy school I worked at a grocery store pharmacy for 4 years.  I worked with the same wonderful people day in and day out, and of course, after 4 years, we became pretty close.

Anytime I would leave for a few days, because of vacation, or a test, when I returned, as soon as I walked into the pharmacy a few of the guys would start singing, "Duh, duh-na-na, duh-nana duh-nana-nana-na, duh, duh-na-na, duh-nana duh-nana-nana-na RACH is BACK...."   to the tune of ACDC's "Back in Black."  

Talk about a welcoming committee. 

I never realized how much running was part of me, part of my identity, until I had to take 5 months off.  Of course, I loved being pregnant and the time off from running was completely worth it, but I didn't feel fully "me" without hitting the pavement / treadmill every morning.

IMG 2396

However, yesterday as I hopped off the treadmill after running 3 miles in 31 minutes minutes, the tune of Back in Black starting playing in my head and I thought, "I am back."  

Rach is back. 


Breakfast - more breakfast cookies - my breakfast for the next 10 years

IMG 2377

Lunch - quinoa cups, a nuked sweet potato and roasted green beans

IMG 2411

Snack - greek yogurt with strawberry jam and kiwi

IMG 2412

Dinner - another crockpot wonder - Asian glazed chicken following *this recipe* with brown rice and roasted broccoli.  Dan and I were both fans.

IMG 2413

Dessert- a new Blue Bell flavor - Mocha Almond Fudge. 

IMG 2414

Look at my serving compared to Dan's.  Life isn't fair.  

Thought for the day

(Thank God for my iPad and The Biggest Loser)


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