Friday, January 4, 2013

One Month: My Ina Mae Favorites


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I know I have said this over and over again, but this past month has been amazing.  Ina has been an blessing in my life and has improved it in ways I never imagined.  

(Note to self, Ina is not a fan of bows.)

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I plan to document how she is growing and changing every month, but as this month is her first, I see it as "baseline."  So, instead of talking about how she has changed, I am going to list my favorite things about Little Miss.

Favorite Smells

Oh, the smell of a baby. I could drink it in.  It is so so sweet and precious.  However, there are times when her smell is not so good.  Whoever said that breastfed babies have odorless poo needs to visit our house.  

IMG 2027

Favorite Touch

After I feed Ina and burp her I have made it a habit to run my face and lips over the top of her head.  It is the softest, most intoxicating feeling I have felt in my life.  I also love the feeling of holding her close to me (she is so good at cuddling and contours exactly to my chest) and her gripping my finger with her hands (or her toes!).  

IMG 2030

Favorite Sounds

Out of everything that Ina does, her noises are my absolute favorite.  The way she grunts before she eats, squeaks of exhaustion after she eats, burps like a sailor, and toots over and over again without any look of acknowledgement on her face just melts my heart.  The sound of her sucking on her paci and the "warning squawk" she gives before she goes into a full-on cry are absolutely adorable.  Weirdly, I also LOVE the sound of her eating.  I think I was worried that she wouldn't for so long that now anytime I hear that chug, chug, chug, and then a gasp of air when she remembers she needs to breathe, I get a huge sense of love and relief.  I must not forget her random coos and sighs and honestly I could just sit and listen to her breathe all day.   

IMG 2032

Favorite Taste

I have yet to taste anything about Ina.  Thank God.  

Favorite Sight

Although it is obviously not social, seeing Ina smile is so beautiful.  She is my beautiful doll. I also adore seeing her perched up on Dan's chest when he gets home from work.  Her little eyes cross when she loses control of them and she looks so cute.  I try to imagine what she is thinking based on her expressions of awe, confusion, anger (I am pretty sure I know what she is thinking with that one).  

IMG 2038

I have to mention the crazy love I have for Ina.  A love that consumes me.  It isn't one of the five senses, but I feel it with every sense of my being. 


Yesterday Ina went with me to my first Weight Watchers meeting.  It was so wonderful to see (less of!) everyone again, after 10 months away.  She was quite popular (of course!).  

I haven't made it to the grocery store, so some of my food is pretty random.

Breakfast was the second half of my quinoa apple breakfast bowl  (7) using *this recipe*with coffee and creamer (1).


Canned pineapple (0) for a snack.

IMG 2018

Lunch, leftover chicken parm muffins (11) using *this recipe*

IMG 2019

After lunch my friend Courtney (the one Ina and I ran a half marathon with!) came over to meet Ina Mae.  Even though Courtney lives just around the corner, we haven't seen each other in while.  It was great to catch up.  

IMG 2020

My afternoon snack was a bowl of rice chex cereal (8).


After my snack I hopped on the treadmill for another 3 mile walk in 45 minutes (+3).  Whew.  

We had an extra special dinner because Dan's family brought over a delicious venison chili concoction (15) with corn bread (5).  

IMG 2047

Yum.  (JalapeƱos without heartburn for the win.)

Unfortunately, I had a headache, so I was less than the perfect hostess, but we still had a great time.

IMG 2054

IMG 2060

Throughout the night I snacked on some peanuts (4) - when I wake up in the middle of the night to nurse, I am really hungry.  

IMG 2061

Happy Friday!  No big plans over here - hopefully it will be a day of relaxation!


  1. Love those! You are going to laugh, because I can totally see you in her in that first picture!


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