Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Sleep

Good morning!

Sorry to be MIA around here, but to tell the truth, I haven't been getting a lot of sleep, so the blog has fallen to the bottom of my list of priorities.  

The problem isn't Ina.  She wakes up around 1ish and 4ish, eats for 20 minutes, and then goes back to sleep.  However, once I am awake I have a very hard time turning my mind off.  I just lay there, wide awake, thinking about everything, but nothing really important at the same time.

I think the first few weeks of Ina's life I was riding the high of her birth and I could survive on little sleep.  Now it is catching up with me and I feel drained.  A few nights ago I was near-tears tired, begging Dan to go to bed at 7:30.  

I also can't "sleep when the baby sleeps" because I can't take naps.  I don't know how - I remember even in kindergarden being tortured through the boringness of nap time.

I am going to have to learn to count sheep.  

Last night we went to some friends' house for dinner - ate some amazing food - Hungarian stew and the best tiramisu I have tasted in my life.  I also left my camera there - fail.  

Welcome to Running with Racheal without pictures.  Sorry.  

It was my first night away from the house in quite a few nights and I really enjoyed the conversation (and great news!) with my friends.  However, that meant that we didn't get home until midnight.  So my 5 hours of sleep a night turned into 3 - broken up.  

Pray for me today.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Broken sleep will get to you! Don't worry soon you will be getting longer stretches of sleep and you will feel sane again :) By the way I can't take naps either... totally SUCKS!


  2. I am not sure how I found your blog- but I love it!
    I have a almost 2 year old daughter, and it took me at least 6 months to get back to working out. I was so impressed that you were already getting back on the treadmill! It's hard with lack of sleep! Keep up the good work- when you can! I am excited to try some of your recipes you have linked! Thanks!!!


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