Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mystery Presents

Ina and I have recently each received a mystery present.  

Someone sent Ina this beautiful Pottery Barn blanket with her name embroidered on it.

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It is so soft that I want to build myself a cocoon with it and never come out.  Thank you to the kind soul who sent it.  Any takers?

Someone also gave me a subscription to Good Housekeeping.  

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I was pretty excited when I pulled those out of the mailbox last night.  However, I was telling Dan about the gift and he laughed.  He thought someone was trying to give me a hint and that I should be offended.  I am choosing to believe that the gifter wanted me to hone in my already wonderful skills.  Welcome to fantasy land.  It is great here, you should join me.  

Both gifts were mysterious, I have no idea who sent them.  If you did, thank you!

Yesterday, right after I posted my blog, my dad stopped by with my neice and nephew and whisked Ina and me to my sister's house.  

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I babysat while he worked.  We survived a blow-out, multiple coffee spills, Kauffman accidentally stepping on Ina's head, her screaming blood murder during my dad's conference call, lunch, and many outfit changes. It was great.  

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Hallaway and Kauffman are so sweet to Ina. They both kiss her and want to touch her all the time.  I can't wait until she can return the love.  

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Breakfast - my last blueberry walnut muffins, a two egg scramble with peppers and onions and a grapefruit.

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Lunch - a salad from McDonalds.  

Dinner - leftover quinoa mango salad following *this recipe* - this was good.  A repeat for sure.  

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3 miles while watching TBL.  I am almost to the end of Season 11.  It is bittersweet.  

Thought for the day

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