Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mom Skills

Yesterday my mom skills were put to the test.

IMG 2174

For two hours, I, by myself, watched three babies - Ina Mae, my nephew Kauffman, and my niece Hallaway.  When my sister Jessie called and asked if I could help her out for a few hours, we joked that the odds were that at least one of the three would be asleep.  

No dice.  Even Ina Mae, who sleeps 18 hours of the day, was awake the entire time.  

 All three babies survived and we actually had a great time.  We watched Charlotte's Web, 

IMG 2171

ate popcorn,

IMG 2173

and rocked our hearts out.

IMG 2178

However, I think that two hours helped sway my birth control decisions for the next few years.  Having a newborn and a toddler is difficult.  Both require attention in so many different ways.  To top it off, Hallaway is crawling, pulling herself up, and putting anything she finds in her mouth.  I was on full alert.  

I can't wait until Ina Mae can interact and play with her cousins!


3 miles.  45 minutes.  Done.  (+4)


Breakfast: overnight oats with Better N' Peanut Butter, banana, and chocolate chips (10) and coffee (1)

IMG 2164

Lunch: roasted green beans and chicken and goat cheese on bread (11)

IMG 2170

Snack: popcorn and baby carrots (5) 

Dinner: Broccoli and chicken noodle bake following *this recipe* (two servings - 18).  Dan was a huge fan of this one!

IMG 2184

Dessert: Hair brownie and ice cream (9)

IMG 2185

Total Points = 54 (used 2 weekly)

Thought for the day


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