Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ina +Treadmill = Sleep

There are many reasons why Ina and I are a match made in heaven.  One of them is that she loves the sound of the treadmill.  

IMG 20130102 145847

It is the perfect "white noise" for her.  When it is close to her nap time, I just put her in her rocker next to the treadmill and once I press "Start" she stares up at me in awe.  Then, usually within 5 minutes she is passed out.

IMG 20130102 163236

However, yesterday her tummy hurt so bad that she didn't want to be put down.  So, I walked with Ina on the treadmill.  Keeping my clumsiness in mind, I walked at a pretty slow pace.

I had big plans on doing walking lunges with her and lifting her up and down for a little arm workout.  Ina had other plans - sleeping plans.  Within seconds of me starting, she was mouth open-slightly snoring-sleeping.  So, I walked a mile in 20 minutes while holding her (+2).  

It wasn't the workout of the year, but it was better than nothing.

I am hoping to get in a little jog this morning - fingers crossed.


Breakfast was a bowl of bran flakes with blueberries and milk (8).

IMG 2218

Morning snack - goat cheese, salad, and sriracha sandwich while watching The Bachelor (4)

IMG 2260

Lunch - a left over rice, chicken, Greek yogurt, cheddar cheese, and hot sauce concoction with carrots (8)

IMG 2261

Afternoon snack - amazeballs mix following *this recipe* made with Better N' Peanut butter (9)

IMG 2268

I had to eat it straight out of the food processor - Ina only let me have one hand. 

My family met up at Logan's Roadhouse to celebrate my mom's birthday for dinner.  

IMG 2271

We were quite the crowd.  Ina was upset she didn't get in the group shot.

IMG 2272

I snacked on a few of the peanuts as an appetizer (4),

IMG 2269

then ordered the chicken (21) with a plain baked potato (4).  

IMG 2270

That chicken was sooo good that I didn't even want dessert afterwards.  Weird, I know.  

Today is looking pretty busy - midwife appointment and a blood draw for Ina, so I plan to throw dinner in the crockpot this morning.

Have a good one.  <3

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