Monday, January 28, 2013

Ina Must Have Known...

Ina must have known that I wrote a post about being really tired and not being able to sleep because the past two nights have been glorious!  

Saturday night she only woke up once and Sunday night she woke up twice, but I still was able to sleep.  It also might have something to do with the conversation I had with my neighbor Kim while we went on our Saturday morning run.  She told me that I need to wait until Ina lets me know she is hungry by a pretty real cry - as opposed to me getting up the first time she makes  a tiny peep.  What a difference in makes! Thanks Kim!  We are working on her transitioning from our room to her nursery. 

Ina must have known that we were going to church on Sunday morning because all day Saturday she was an angel - we went to Buy Buy Baby and Yogurtini and she slept through most of it.  

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When she was awake she was as content as ever.  The trend continued at the wedding we went to Saturday night.  The worst thing she did was suck loudly on her paci during the vows, and then had a major blowout on her fancy dress.  She rocked out the reception in her stylish zebra pj's where she happily went from person to person, not letting the loud music or strangers bother her a bit.  


 She also loved church.  She sat and listened to the music in her car seat, then during the sermon Dan held her while looked around in awe.  

After church we went out to breakfast with our friends Brandy and Trevor (who are going to have a baby in March!)

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and spent the rest of the day planted on the couch watching golf and football eat eating comfort food (Dan's chicken and noodles to the rescue!).  

Ina must have known that she is growing out of her newborn diapers and we need to use the ones we have because we are currently trying to break the record of how many diapers she can go through in one morning.  We are already on diaper 5.  I think we have a fighting chance.  

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