Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ina Meets Joe

It was only a matter of time before I had to let Ina in on the harsh truth - Momma has a boyfriend

They met yesterday.

IMG 2145

It was somewhat akward.  

He really wasn't expecting us.

However, he was pretty accomadating.

Seriously though, I never noticed how small the shopping carts are at Trader Joe's.  After Ina's car seat was stuffed in, there wasn't room for much else.  Luckily, I brought a huge bag to carry on my shoulder and shove a few things in.  After that was full I used the rack on the bottom of the cart, and towards the end Ina may have had to cuddle up close to a loaf of bread or two.  

A very nice TJ's employee (whose name wasn't Becky- I checked) helped me carry my stuff to my car.  

We made it out of the store in one piece without any crying episodes and only a few (well intended) strangers trying to put their germy hands on my baby. 

I feel like the real me, now that my pantry is re-stocked with my favorite TJ's staples.

I never realized all the planning that is required in a simple outing to the grocery store.  I didn't plan all that well and had to feed Ina in the Trader Joe's parking lot.  I gave the guy picking up trash in the parking lot quite the surprise.  Ha!


I started watching a new reality TV show, and I was so into it that I walked 4 miles in an hour before I stopped (+6).  More on that later.


Breakfast was a repeat: banana chocolate oatmeal (9) following *this recipe* and coffee (1).

IMG 2144

Morning snack: grapefruit

IMG 2153

Lunch - a very gourmet meal of popcorn (7), 

IMG 2154

 carrots, and Better N' Peanut Butter (3)

IMG 2155

Snack: Buffalo chicken sandwich (6) and another muffin (3)

IMG 2156

 Dinner: 2 servings of chicken tamale bake following *this recipe* (16) and roasted green beans

IMG 2157

Dessert - Dan's favorite pick from our Blue Bell Challenge - 3/4 C Pecan Pralines 'n Cream.  YUM. (9)

IMG 2160

Total Points (54) - Even Steven

Thought for the Day



Deneene said...

So how did Ina like Joe? What are the TJ's staples that you like to keep on hand?

Carrie @ Season It Already! said...

You are torturing me with your Trader Joe's posts and now I will just have to make a trip. I'd love to see your list of favorites, too. {Sounds like a great post to me!} ;-)

I don't know if I've commented in your last couple of posts that I love that you've been sharing the recipes you are using when you post pictures of what you've eaten!

Leila @ Spinach and Skittles said...

In addition to the BOB (which I adore), we bought a super lightweight, easy open, carseat stroller (chicco keyfit) that I use for shopping, or short trips where the BOB isn't really necessary. It has a very large undercarriage, making it PERFECT for grocery shopping. The checker at Trader Joe's was amazed by how much I fit in there. I can even make a Costco run with this bad boy!

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