Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hair Brownies

I know some of you are under the illusion that I have it together.  

Let this story paint a real picture of my day to day life. 

Yesterday my sister called and invited us to dinner.  I volunteered to bring dessert.  I had just bought a box of Trader Joe's guiltless brownie mix and thought it would be super easy to whip those up before heading out the door.

IMG 2151


Before I knew it, the clock said 5:00 and it was time to go.  I hadn't showered.  Ina needed fed and changed.  The brownie mix box hadn't been opened.   Where did the day go?  

I rushed through as much as I could.  I didn't dry my hair.  Ina got an "appetizer" until we arrived at my sister's house.  As I was putting Ina in her car seat I realized I still hadn't made the brownies. 

I measured the yogurt and stirred my heart out in between running to pop Ina's binkie back in her mouth, letting the dogs outside, rocking Ina in her carseat, letting the dogs inside, putting Ina's binkie in again, getting the dogs to their kennel, etc, etc.  

The proof that I was flustered was in my outfit.  I wore flip flops, a t shirt, and capri pants.  No coat.  In the dead of Winter.  Genius.

I calmed down on the drive there and was so happy to be greeted by my family and a house that smelled amazing.  Jessie made a spaghetti casserole (see below).  

IMG 2148

After dinner Jessie pulled the brownies out of the oven and brought them to us.  Right away I noticed that my piece had a hair sticking out of it.  Yikes.

"Whew, I am glad I am the one who got this piece," I told everyone as I pulled the hair out of my brownie.  They all giggled, said "it happens," and dug into their pieces.  

Seconds later Dan was pulling something out of his mouth.  Seriously?  I was starting to get embarassed. 

Then, I looked over at my sister, who was trying to non-chalantly pull multiple strings of hair out of her piece.  

Trying to make me feel better, Dan pretended to floss with his piece of hair.  I wish I was exaggerating.  

I have no explanation.  No excuse.  I was just happy that I served my family hair brownies, and not people who would judge me. 

To top it off, my mom pulled a piece of green plastic out of hers - apparently my rubber spatula had also chipped off during my frantic stirring.  

Surprisingly, no one wanted seconds.

IMG 2150


Breakfast was more banana chocolate oatmeal (9) following *this recipe* and coffee (2).

IMG 2144

Lunch: Salad of champions (6) following *this recipe* made a comeback - I slurpped up all of its spicy amazingness.  Side of multigrain bread (3) and another muffin (3).  

IMG 2146

Snack: unpictured grapefruit

Dinner - Jessie made Scooter's Spaghetti Casserole following *this recipe*.

IMG 2147

I plugged the info into WW's recipe builder and found that 1/6 of the recipe was 17 points - which after tasting it I found to be completely worth it.  Seriously, it was so good.  

IMG 2149

I could have been satisfied with 1/12 of the recipe (what I started out with), but I had those weekly points burning a hole in my pocket so I happily went back for seconds. Green beans and salad with light dressing (2) were perfect sides to dinner.  Af first I thought I didn't want one, but I eventually also ate a piece of garlic bread (6).  

Dessert #1: Hair brownie (4)

Dessert #2 Ice cream (5) 

Total Points = 58 (used 10 weekly points).  

Thought for the day


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  1. I made that spaghetti casserole as part of my freezer meal stock up - SO GOOD! I think I'm going to try it with penne, or rotini, or a smaller pasta for my next freezer meal cooking day. I also subbed half the ground beef for turkey italian sausage, which was pretty much amazing.

    Too funny about the hair brownies - welcome to the post pregnancy hair loss stage ;)


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