Saturday, January 5, 2013

From Ireland with Love

This year Dan received a pretty exciting Christmas present.  

IMG 2084

My cousin Liz is working in Ireland right now, so her parents gave Dan a bottle of 12 year Jameson with his name on it.  

IMG 2078

At first Dan thought he was going to not open it, but lately we have been of the "celebrate now" mentality.  

IMG 2079

Last night our friends Brad and Chessa came over for dinner.  Why not celebrate with a little drink?

IMG 2091

Dan and Brad were both big fans.  I am not a whiskey drinker, and I even thought it was pretty good.   Thanks Aunt Jeri!

We also had one of our favorite dinners - Asian glazed chicken (8) following *this recipe* with brown rice (5).

IMG 2096

Enjoyed with good friends and a glass of Malbec (5).  

IMG 2073

After dinner the boys went on an ice cream run - individual Blue Bell with a little hot fudge (5) for the win.  

IMG 2097

It was a good night - my head hit the pillow hard.  

Other Eats

Breakfast was an apple-oatmeal-almond butter bowl (10).  

IMG 2062 

(Cook 1/2 C oats with 1 C milk, cinnamon, Truiva, and vanilla.  Top with 1 T almond butter.)

I was in desperate need for some fresh fruits and veggies, so my mom came to the rescue and watched Ina while I made an Aldi run.  

IMG 2069

Thirty minutes later I was back and had already downed an $0.89 carton of blackberries.  My mom hung around while I made lunch - a chicken, spinach, mushroom, and swiss egg scramble with a whole wheat tortilla (10).  

IMG 2070

Just as I finished melting the cheese Little Miss started crying, so I inhaled my meal.  Thanks mom!

I had two afternoon snacks - roasted cauliflower with BBQ sauce (1) 

IMG 2071

and bran flakes (2) with skim milk (2).  

IMG 2072

Looking at all this food makes me realize that I am eating a lot, but until after dinner I was really hungry all day.  Nursing Little Miss apparently requires a lot of energy.  

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