Thursday, January 24, 2013


Before I had a baby, I could think of lots of excuses to skip a run.  Now that I have a sidekick whose needs are my highest priority, although I want to run, sometimes she doesn't want me to.  

IMG 2418

Yesterday Ina found her limit to her treadmill trance.  It involved lots of screaming and a diaper filled to the brim.  After stopping twice and trying to console her, I called 2 miles "good enough" and trekked back upstairs. 


Breakfast - blueberry walnut muffins with Greek yogurt while watching my new favorite show

IMG 2417

Lunch - asian chicken, brown rice, roasted broccoli

IMG 2413

Snack - breakfast cookies and roasted butternut squash with ketchup

Dinner - meatloaf following *this  recipe* with pureed cauliflower (boil, drain, then mash with garlic, milk, and a little butter) and roasted green beans.

IMG 2420

Dessert - Blue Bell - duh

Thought for the day

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