Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thoughts After Two Nights at Home

Last night Dan looked at me and said, "I don't want to jinx this, but I think we have this parenting thing down."

IMG 1483

I couldn't find some wood to knock on fast enough.

But, at the risk of jinx, things are going pretty smoothly around here.  Here are some thoughts after a few nights home:

- I knew that my needs would come second to her's before I was pregnant.  However, it is funny to me to watch it play out.  Yesterday I had to reheat my coffee twice before I had a free hand to drink it.  (Good news - coffee tastes absolutely wonderful again.)  The only reason my breakfast was hot was because I stuck some oatmeal in the rice cooker, and 2 hours later I had a chance to eat it.  Almond butter and jelly steel cut oats for the win.  

IMG 1481

I didn't shower or brush my teeth until well after noon.  Of course, all of this was and will be completely worth it.  

-Dan and I make a pretty good team.  We switch off and on smoothly. However, there was a little hitch yesterday where I was in the bathroom, Dan was trying to change Ina Mae's diaper and ran out of wipes, she was screaming, the dogs were howling, Dan was trying to get me to help him.  It was a mess.  For the most part, I take the night shift.  I am the one to feed her anyways, so it seems pretty pointless to wake Dan up when I am already up.  These past two nights I have had about 5 to 6 hours of sleep, so I can't complain.  

- Ina Mae loves being sung to.  Whenever I start singing she opens her eyes really big and stares at me in awe.  (Probably in awe of how horrible my voice is - but it stops the crying.)  Her current favorites are Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, and Hush Little Baby.

- Ina Mae has the hiccups like nobody's business.  We burp her once during her meal and then after she is done eating, but it doesn't matter.  Within a few minutes of eating she is hiccuping away.  Poor thing - it is such a big noise for such a little girl.  She doesn't seem to mind it, but I would think it would be annoying.  In the hospital Dan was trying to scare her to get them to go away (just by saying, "Boo!") and one of the nurses said, "You know, it isn't that smart to scare a baby." Oops.  Noted.  Any tips on preventing / getting rid of hiccups in newborns?

- LIttle Miss swims in all of her newborn outfits.  That doesn't stop me from doing an outfit change a day.  

IMG 1484

We have visitors to impress.  Yesterday Dan's mom was able to hold her for the first time. 

IMG 1489

- Having people make us food has been awesome.  My mom made us lunch on Sunday, and I had leftovers of that for lunch yesterday.  

IMG 1482

Then, we reheated pot roast leftovers for dinner with Dan's parents.  

IMG 1490

I don't know exactly what this rocking contraption is called, but I can tell it is going to be a favorite.  I loved having her right next to us while we ate.  

- Pandora's Lullaby station + Bath and Body works "Winter" candle + Blue Bell Ice Cream + my family = THE GOOD LIFE

IMG 1491

-Dan goes back to work tomorrow, but my awesome family has planned shifts so I won't have a day alone with her for a few more weeks.  We will miss Dan dearly.  

- We have our first outing today - her first pediatrician appointment.  It is in about 3 hours, so I suppose I should start getting ready now.  Ha!  Have a great day!


  1. Sad to say,but the hiccups only get worse. We have a 3 week old and she will get the hiccups and then cry and it only makes them worse! It is definetely a 2-4 times a day thing. The only thing I have found is to rub her back or pat her back. She stops crying at least! They grow up very fast! Gretchen is 3 weeks and has already changed so much! I know you will get tired of hearing this but.... "enjoy it, the time does fly by very very quickly!"

    Lindsay Wallgren-Kroll

  2. She is so stinkin' cute!! My niece always had the hiccups, too regardless of how often you burped her. Like you said, it seems like it would bother them but I don't think it phases them. Sounds like you have wonderful support from your family. I'm sure it will be hard for Dan to go back to work.

  3. I don't remember hiccups, but I do remember how long it takes to leave the house and how much stuff I thought I needed to take...silly!!! Congrats!!
    Are the dogs happy?

  4. Oh man, I have to start getting ready 2 hours before I leave the house! It's redonkulous.
    Gripe water seems to help G with her hiccups. But it is really sticky if she doesn't swallow it all, and a serving is a half tsp., which doesn't seem like a lot, but those little mouths can only swallow so much at a time, so it takes a while to give the whole dose! (and, she has them right now, haha, poor thing!)
    We have that rock'n'play sleeper too - love it! It's made for babies with reflux, and even though G doesn't have it, I think she likes laying in it because she can see us when we're next to her.

  5. I've been reading your blog throughout your whole pregnancy and I just wanted to say she is absolutely adorable! Thanks for continuing to post and to update us on this exciting time!

  6. Oh Racheal, I know you are so happy to be home and getting everything settled. That's awesome she is doing so well and your getting decent sleep. I can't remember an issue with hiccups, I just remember we had to change the bottles we bought because my daughter was getting too gassy. It was awful. She would just scream. Thank goodness my mother in-law recommended a great bottle and the problems were solved. I also remember the vibrated bouncy seat being our best friend. I noticed you have beagles. We have beagles, two of them. What do they think of Ina Mae? My one dog loved our daughter. If we put her on the floor, he was right by her. Would lay on the floor and sleep by her. The other one, well lets just say she was 4 years old before she could touch him. Dan looks like is is so enjoying being a dad.

  7. All I want to say today is *love*. Here's to more going around your house with Ina Mae around... Cheers~


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