Monday, December 17, 2012

Pictures from the Weekend

 - My friend Chessa's 30th birthday party + the hat she knitted Ina Mae (so adorable)

IMG 1635

- Christmas brunch

IMG 1633

I made crockpot breakfast casserole, which I would STRONGLY recommend for Christmas morning.  It is a perfect set it and forget it type meal.

IMG 1626

I taught Ina Mae how to make it.  I felt like I was hosting a cooking show as I told her every step, but I figure it is never too early to learn to cook.  She sat wide awake the entire time and attentively listened.  

IMG 1625

I also made Paula Deen's gorilla bread, which I would recommend to feed to your annoyingly skinny friends, like I did.  (kidding).  

- Baby cuddles

IMG 1621

IMG 1629

IMG 1639

- Crab cakes + my glorious first glass of malbec + bed by 8 + only one middle of the night wake up = the perfect way to end the week. 

IMG 1638


  1. I love your updates. I've been following for a while now and Ina Mae is just absolutely adorable!

  2. Oh yummo! I know what I'm making for breakfast Christmas Morning.

  3. 1) I have a feeling that your hubby trying to kiss the guy in the KC Chiefs shirt at Christmas Brunch is just a classic example of him. ;-)

    2) I love that you are teaching Ina Mae how to cook! She'll pick up all of those Food Network tips quickly.

    3) Ahhh... that first of Malbec. Joy to the world!

    Cheers to a happy family holiday!


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