Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ina Mae's Name

Ina Mae is doing wonderfully.  She is already such a thinker.

IMG 1265

Unfortunately, she is still in the NICU, but got rid of that annoying CPAP and attempting to nurse!  

IMG 1270

(Dan mastering his first diaper change.)

Every time I try to feed her she just wants to cuddle.  Although I want her to eat, cuddling is just fine by me.

IMG 1287

I still am trying to wrap my head around everything that has happened in the last 36 hours, but I promise I will write about it soon.  Until then, a little story about Ina's name.  Please excuse the extra cheese - but expect more of the same until at least after Christmas.  


I am writing this post months before little miss gets here because I want everyone to know the significance behind her name.  However, I know there is no way I could write this and keep it together during my post-delivery hormone swing, so I thought I would do it now.  (As if the hormones during my 6th month of pregnancy are that much better. )

Ina Mae is named after my Grandma June.  

IMG 0036

Grandma's full name is Ina June, but she has always gone by June because she doesn't really like the name Ina.  I, however, love the name and remember when I discovered my grandmother's true identity as a kid.  

Now, I call her Ina as kind of a teasing sort of nickname, which is weird, because that is her actual name.

My Grandma June is the most amazing woman I have ever met.  She is my idol.  My life goal has always been to be a grandma, so I can be more like her.  If Ina Mae inherits even 10% of her kind generosity, sweet spirit,  determined courage, or mad cooking skills, I will be so proud.

Although my Grandma June is quite the amazing woman, Dan and I have been blessed with so many amazing women in our lives.  And although they aren't all named Ina, I feel like my grandma is a good representation of all of them combined.  

She is my mom in that they both have the ability to see the good in everyone.

IMG 0655

My Grandma Beverly in that they are so committed to family.

IMG 0606

Both Grandma June and Dan's mom appreciate the little things in life.

IMG 0395

She is like my Aunt Charmen because they both believe that just about everything in life is cause for celebration.  

IMG 0628

I see her in my sister when I watch how much of an amazing mother Jessie is and how much her kids love her.  

IMG 0518

She is like my friends because they like me, and don't even have to.  I think Grandma June and I would be friends, even if she wasn't my grandma.  

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IMG 0681

My cousins, my teachers, my co-workers-the list goes on and on.  

So, even though we can't name our daughter after every woman we know, in a way we did.  

We hope that Ina Mae can soak in a little bit from each and every one of them.  

With a name like that, she has a lot to live up to and I can't wait to watch it all happen.  


  1. Beautiful story! And congratulations!!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful little girl. I will pray for her to get strong and be out of the NICU soon. I can relate to what you are going through. My little guy was born at 33 weeks and was in the NICU for 2 1/2 weeks. We got home in September with him. They are little fighters!

    I love her name and the story behind it! I bet your Grandma June is so proud!

  3. That was wonderful! So happy for the three of you!

  4. I think it's a beautiful name and a beautiful story. <3

    I hope you're both doing well!

  5. "And although they aren't all named Ina, I feel like my grandma is a good representation of all of them combined." = ADORE!

    Congratulations, Racheal!


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