Friday, December 21, 2012

Ina Mae's First Snow

Turns out, Ina Mae doesn't like the snow.

IMG 1720

Or she didn't, until we taught her the wonderful things you can do with it, like throw snowballs, make snow angels, and build snow men.

IMG 1729

Because last winter was pretty lame sauce, this was one of the first snows that Kauffman could enjoy too.  When my uncle called and said he would pick me and Little Miss up and take us to my sister's house, I was so excited.   

IMG 1722

I packed my boots, my gloves, and my ear muffs.  I knew he would want to build a snow man.  

IMG 1727

So, instead of being stuck inside all day by ourselves, we had lots of company and enjoyed the wonderful view of kids playing outside or the wonderful smell of cookies baking inside.

IMG 1748

IMG 1750

We read stories,

IMG 1736

lounged around,

IMG 1746

and stared at the babies. (Ina squared)

IMG 1747

Hallaway helped with the cookie baking.

IMG 1739

Ina Mae helped with the cookie eating.

IMG 1753

Well, we all helped with the cookie eating.

IMG 1751

Best snow day ever.

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  1. That baby's first snow picture is so cute


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